Top 5 App that Every Movie Buff Should Download

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Top 5 App that Every Movie Buff Should Download

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 Being a movie buff is not an easy task, your desktop usually overflows with new downloads and it’s hard to keep track of every movie you watch. I used to juggle with my movie collection and all the film-related stuff.  Until now. I have found a perfect solution: my Smartphone. There are loads of apps that let you manage films, watch trailers, play games etc. I have listed 5 of my favorite apps that I think every movie-buff should have:

1. Flixster


Flixster is a very popular app that gives you an on-hand experience of equally popular website of same name. The app enables you to compare movie ratings and tastes with film buffs around the net. In addition to user ratings, Flixster grants you instant access to a flick’s freshness rating at aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which it owns. You can also use it to find movie information, showtimes, maps and ticket prices, or to watch trailers. The app is well suited for both; a one-stop shop for planning a night out or as an app that will help you brag about your film knowledge.

2. Scene it?


This one is one of my favorite movie apps of all time. Makers of the app, Screenlife, started out with DVD and card-based party games for film buffs. Which then evolved and spread to consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation and Wii, social media sites such as Facebook, and now to the mobile platforms of iPhone and iPad.  The app serves up trivia, images and video optimized for mobile devices. It’s designed for party play, and the iPad hi-def version is amazing. Available genre packs include comedy, romance and horror, as well as the Twilight series, the Harry Potter series and the TV show “30 Rock.”

3. My Movies


My Movies is just the right app for a typical movie buff. Simply add your movies manually or scan their bar codes using your phone’s camera, and you’re off and running. You can browse details about your flicks, watch trailers for movies in your collection and search and filter by type (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD), genre, watched, parental rating levels, production years, personal categories and online status. It’s also a handy way to keep track of which movies you’ve loaned out and it might prevent you from buying a movie you already own on VHS, Beta, DVD, special edition and Blu-ray.

4. RunPee


 Well it’s true, nobody can make it through the Lord of the Rings trilogy without making a trip to the bathroom. As an unfortunate consequence you sometimes miss most important part of movie. Well, RunPee is an app that will solve this problem. This app lists slow times in each film best suited for taking care of business, it also tells you how long you can be away (usually four minutes) and what you’ll miss. The app also lists what happens in the first five minutes of the film, and whether there’s a teaser clip waiting for you after the credits roll.

5. BookMyShow

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We couldn’t complete the list without mentioning the most useful one for India. The mobile counterpart of the popular ticketing website BookMyShow is as effective as its web version. It provides every possible option you get in desktop version. It’s the mere simplicity and clean interface of this app that makes ticket booking very easy.The interesting thing is it shows if any of your friends on Facebook are also gonna watch the same movie.

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