Top 5 Useful Apps Made For Android Wear Smartwatches

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Top 5 Useful Apps Made For Android Wear Smartwatches

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Android Wear is the darling of wearable technology these days. We can’t wait to put smartwatches around our wrists and find out all their capabilities. Android Wear smartwatches do a good job of delivering notifications and other alerts to your wrist, but the fun really starts when you start downloading apps that add additional functionality.

Although the selection of Android Wear apps is small for now, there are already some pretty useful options in the Google Play store.

We are listing 5 of the these amazing app that you will love to use on your Android smartwatch.



IFTTT, acronym for If This Then That, connects events into a simple statement that triggers an action. It performs a set action if an event happens, like firing off a text message to your phone if you receive an email or automatically uploading photos to Dropbox that you post to Instagram. On the wrist IFTTT gives users a big button that triggers some user configurable action. IFTTT is probably the most powerful app available yet on the smartwatch.

2. Binary Watch Face


The Binary Watch Face is a very clean and good looking binary clock for the smartwatch. One thing that does come up with regards to these custom watch faces is that whenever a notification pops up, they end up covering a part of the watch face design, which is something to look out for, especially if there is task with a persistent notification. The companion app installs on your smartphone with the Watch Face allowing you to configure the colors to your liking.

3. Evernote


With this you can dictate voice notes to your watch. The Android Wear extension of Evernote allows users to pull up recent notes on their smartwatch which is more useful than it sounds if you’re travelling and have to book references and other things on your wrist. Dictating new notes without having to pull out a smartphone does make life a lot simpler.

4. Bunting


Bunting is a simple Twitter client for Android Wear with a clean and sleek interface, that allows you to tweet messages directly from your Android Wear smartwatch. The set up is very easy. All you have to do is log into Bunting using your Twitter account, and once that’s done, you can start tweeting by dictating your message directly to the watch. If you tweet on a regular basis and own an Android Wear device, Bunting is a quick and easy way for microbloging on the go.

5. Flopsy Droid


Well you must be wondering how pathetic it would be to play games on your Android wear with its small screen. But Flopsy Droid will amaze you. Created by the makers of Blunting, the game is a clone of Flappy Bird with similar gameplay. The bird is gone and has been replaced with the green Bugdroid we all know and love. But the big difference is the fact that this game is now playable from your smart-watch. If you’re looking to while away some time, Flopsy Bird is great way to do so.

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