Wearable Technology You Should Know About

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Wearable Technology You Should Know About

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Wearable technology is the next technology boom. Since the saturation of the mobile phone market, companies have been looking for an alternative and wearable tech was a godsend for them.

Now if you are wondering that if this is another column about Smartwatches and Google glass then you are about to be surprised at what the market has in store for you.

Here we bring you some cool wearable tech which performs some amazing tasks while being rather pocket friendly.

1. Vrase

Now we all have been waiting for the Virtual Reality glasses to come in our reach. Well, there is a start-up that promises the experience using just your phone. Introducing Vrase, a VR and Augmented reality capable wearable. Simply load the content on your phone and slide it in the Vrase moble holder. This easy to use device gives options to attach peripherals like earphones and joysticks. All this makes Vrase perfect for movies, gaming and Augmented Reality purposes. The best part you ask, this incredibly simple device comes at less than half the price of Oculus and Project Morpheus and is compatible with multiple mobile phones.

2. Recon Jet

Google Glass’s real nemesis is Recon Jet. Unlike the Glass, the Recon Jet is for health and adrenaline junkies. It is the stud of wearable technology. The jet comes with onboard processing capabilities. It has 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and 3D magnetometer and ambient temperature sensors along with altimeter and barometer applications and GPS. The device has an optical touch sensor like the Google glass to help the user interact with the device. The device is also compatible with health sensors so you can have real time update while you are drillin it out.

The device has a 1 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 1GB DDR2 SDRAM and 8GB flash memory. It also has an HD camera to substitute it for a go-pro, because POV shots are always the best. You can also connect the Recon Jet with your phone and check your text and messages.

3. The Dash

This is every outdoor lover’s dream headphone set. These wireless headphones don’t just entertain you with your music but also give you vital stats on the go. The device is perfect for people who like to track their performance. It is water resistant so feel free to take them for your next rafting trip. The headphones can measure Heart rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body temperature and calories burned. Along with the basics, the headgear also measures distance, speed, pace, rotation, G-force, drop rate, altitude, etc. The device also has an touch controls for changing songs and answering calls by connecting it to a phone through Bluetooth.

The device has 4 GB flash storage and is powered by a 100 mAh battery. The processor on-board is a 32bit ARM processor. Their neonish lighting design gives it a Tron-like feel.

At about 300$, these headphones are worth the money.


These are pants which monitor your workout. You might be asking, why buy a pair of pants that measures vital stats instead of just a watch? Well the answer is that the MBODY does a lot more that a smart watch. It is capable of measuring Muscle Load, Heart Rate, Speed, Candence, Balance, Route etc. It is also capable of measuring electrical activity in your muscles and hence gives one of the best analysis amongst health hardware. If doings legs have been the pain for you, then MBODY will definitely help you out. The pants also measure the strengths of your muscles and body balance.

The “pants” come with their own MCell Bluetooth receiver which sends the information to its live app in your smartphone.

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