Oculus Rift’s New Developer Kit Has a Samsung Note 3 Display

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Oculus Rift’s New Developer Kit Has a Samsung Note 3 Display

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One of the most eagerly awaited technology are the wearable Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and the name that comes to mind when talking of VR wearables is Oculus. Now serial teardowners, iFixit have gone ahead and dismantled the new version of Oculus Rift’s developer edition.

The previous Oculus outing saw tremendous complaints about pixelated screens and motion sickness inducing visuals. Oculus Developer Kit 2(DK 2) intends to address the complaints. One major discovery they made is that the DK2 comes with a Samsung Note 3 display.

Inside the impressive gadget is a Samsung display.

Inside the impressive gadget is a Samsung display.

The display is left untouched and it even has the touchscreen controller on it. So you can easily get a replacement for your Oculus screen if you somehow get over involved in the virtual world and accidently bump into real world objects and damage the screen.

Oculus claims that the display works at 75 Hz which is above the standard 60 Hz refresh rate. On their website Oculus calls its display a low persistence OLED display to eliminate motion blur and judder, two of the biggest contributors to simulator sickness. The stunning 5.7 inch Note 3 display might address the pixilation issue and probably save people from the day long motion sickness they feel after wearing these headgears.

Meanwhile Samsung is proactively working on their own VR wearables. With Sony’s Project Morpheus and several start-ups trying out their luck with the technology, the market has started to heat up. We too are desperately waiting for the devices to come to the market so we can enjoy a walk on Mars or get a perfect first person shooting experience minus the PTSD of course.

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