Asus Stocks Up 20,000 ZenFone Units on Flipkart

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Asus Stocks Up 20,000 ZenFone Units on Flipkart

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Asus has become a darling of the Indian market since its release in India. It along with Xiaomi made it the summer for Chinese smartphone makers. Their high-spec-low-price business model is tailor-made for the Indian market.

The Asus Zenphone series have seen shortage of supply and they are either out of stock or available in limited numbers. Asus wants to correct that and they are bringing in a 20,000 phone inventory to Flipkart. Though the number of individual phone models haven’t been specified, it is a good big number of devices.

Most importantly today will become a Taiwan on China battle here as Xiaomi too is bringing 20,000 devices for a flash sale today the 19th of August. It will be fun to see if Asus is capable of stealing Xiaomi’s customers. The folks who are disappointed by the Xiaomi sale can see the Asus line-up as a good alternative.

The Customization and Color features of the ZenUI are unique and tasteful

The Customization and Color features of the ZenUI are unique and tasteful

The Asus Zenphones are powered by Intel Atom processors and come in 4, 5 and 6-inch display variants. The phones also come in multiple color variants and have a youth friendly design. The Zenphone 6 has a classy look which will be appreciated by corporate users too.

The Zenphones are dual SIM capable and can be used easily with gloved hands. These phones also run on Asus’s own UI called the ZenUI which has been appreciated for its unique design and customizability features.

Asus’s business model is more appreciable than that of Xiaomi. The company seems like it is interested in staying in the market for a long time. They have also said that it wants to sell its phone in the offline market thereby making there long term plan in India apparent. By bringing in products in accordance with the demand in the market, the company gets to retain as well bring in new customers. The Zenphone 4, 5 and 6  are priced at Rs. 5,999, Rs. 9,999 and Rs. 16,999 respectively.

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