Top 5 ‘Lite’ Apps You Should Download to Save Battery and Storage

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Top 5 ‘Lite’ Apps You Should Download to Save Battery and Storage

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Apps help us stay connected, book movie tickets, message our loved ones and improve our overall daily efficiency. But it’s not all pretty; they also tend to suck up our phone’s battery life. As apps improve and become more sophisticated, they tend to drain more battery from your smartphones. Well, there’s an easy way out to this problem, there are plenty of free ‘lite’ versions you can use as alternatives.

We are listing top 5 Lite-versions of your favorite apps that will help save your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Lite WebApp for Facebook

Facebook Lite

As much as we appreciate Facebook’s strategy to continuously keep updating their app with new features, we have to admit that the official Facebook app slows down and exhausts our smartphones. Lite WebApp is a Facebook look-alike app designed for phones with low memory and can save some of your battery. The best part that you’re sure to appreciate, it still syncs your Facebook inbox, which Facebook recently dropped in the favour of their standalone Messenger App. Since we still don’t have access to the newly launched Facebook Lite, we’ll have to make do with this one.

2. Tweedle for Twitter

Tweedle for Twitter

The worst part about the official app for Twitter is that it constantly refreshes the feed. This is the reason it consumes a ton of battery life. Tweedle, an alternative to Twitter, runs smoothly, consumes less battery and has a clean interface. The app saves battery as the user needs to manually refresh the feed to use it.

3. YTMovies (Lite) for YouTube

YT Movies

YT Movies lets you watch YouTube clips and send them to your smart TV and other media players. YTMovies(Lite) is ad-supported with limited options, and is only available for Android devices. It also offers a pro version called Pro YT Movies, which however, is not free.

4. CloudMagic for E-mails

Cloud Magic for EMails

Mail apps can destroy your battery life as they are constantly synced to the e-mail websites to refresh the feeds. A great alternative to your e-mail apps is CloudMagic, which simply merges all of your email accounts into one app. You can find emails quickly and, most importantly, it’s easy on battery life.

5. PicShop Lite for photo editing

PicShop Lite

Smartphones come handy when you need to edit photo directly from the phone gallery. There are loads of photo-editing apps available in the app store such as Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Pixlr-o-matic and many more. But on-the-go photo editing apps eat up your phone’s memory and suck battery really fast. PicShop Lite app massively reduces memory usage and allows you to edit, add filters and frames, and share your photos.

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