The New Timelapse App by Instagram is Awesome and Dead Simple

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The New Timelapse App by Instagram is Awesome and Dead Simple

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Facebook’s picture sharing and recently video sharing social network, Instagram, launched a new standalone iOS app called Hyperlapse. It is an unique and extremely easy way to create time lapse videos using Instagram’s stabilization technology and the mobile device’s camera app.

Timelapse photography is a technique that has been used by photographers for years. Pictures are taken at set interims over a long period and after that accelerated in a video to make it look like time is passing rapidly. However, the traditional method of making a time lapse video includes holding the camera still while you film. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses.

Instagram’s video stabilization technology is the result of acquisition of Luma in August 2013. The original Luma app enabled users to edit the stabilization, brightness, contrast and saturation of videos recorded on mobile devices.  However, Hyperlapse is a little different from traditional time lapse videos. Time lapse images are taken at designated intervals over long periods and is sped up in the final video, as mentioned above. Whereas, Hyperlapse involves moving a camera across a distance as the images are being shot.

This standalone app was the idea of Thomas Dimson and Alex Karpenko, Instagram engineers. The app became so popular among the the Instagram employees that Facebook decided to launch it as a standalone app rather than as an in-app feature.

Hyperlapse app can record up to a total of 45 minutes per video. Once you are done shooting the video, the app has an option of controlling how fast the video will play with options ranging from 1x speed up to a rapid 12x. Videos are saved to the Camera Roll after it is finalized.  The app also has an option to share the video on Facebook and Instagram.

Anyhow, the app is at its nascent stage. There is no option of creating hyper lapse of old videos. Also it doesn’t record the sound or have any option of adding background music to the final cut.

Apple, at WWDC event in June, also announced that the camera app in iOS 8 will have a built-in time lapse feature. The Hyperlapse app is now available for Apple devices that are on iOS 7.0 and higher updates. Instagram plans to build an Android version, but there is no launch date yet. It is being said that Google needs to make some adjustment in the camera APIs before the app can be launched for the Android market.

This is the second standalone app that Instagram launched since it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012. Last month, Instagram launched an ephemeral Snapchat-like photo sharing app called Bolt.

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