Mymo: A Fitness Wearable That Pays You to Be Fit

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Mymo: A Fitness Wearable That Pays You to Be Fit

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Wearable health devices are slowly flooding the market. Equipped with sensors, these devices are capable of informing you on your activity through the day. But the basic motivation to get moving still has to come from within, so a company called Tupelo brings a wearable that can give you that extra push.

Tupelo’s fitness wearable Mymo is a one of a kind device. The coin-sized wearable which can be clipped on, tracks the users’ steps, distance travelled and calories burnt. The device connects to any Android device; it also works with the iPhone as well as desktop PC’s.

The most convenient aspect of Mymo is that the battery on the device lasts about 6 months before the need for a recharge. This gives it considerable advantage over its competition.

Coming back, the extra push that we spoke of in the beginning; Mymo is perhaps the only device that lets user cash in their fitness points with real life goods. The device starting at Rs. 3,999 offers amazing 12 month rewards package. Users can track their movements and earn ‘MyMiles’. These MyMiles points can then be redeemed for rewards like talk time, groceries, air miles and even international vacations.


You can even compare your results with friends and family through the Tupelo leaderboard. The Tupelo Life app is available now in the Google Play Store and is soon going to be launched in the App Store.

Tupelo is a Dubai based company and it plans to bring more heath devices in India. It plans to build a comprehensive wellness platform here. The company is also offering real Gold for the first 1000 customers. These customers will automatically enter into the program in which their daily activity can earn them a full gram of gold, which at current rates would be worth Rs.2700, the device literally will pay for itself.


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