ARM Unleashes Cortex M7 Chip To Make Smart Devices More Powerful

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ARM Unleashes Cortex M7 Chip To Make Smart Devices More Powerful

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Internet of Things is the buzzword of this decade, turning everything around us into interconnected computers. Well, every computer needs a processor to run, which in turn consumes power.

The processors for various smart devices need a whole different class of chip as they don’t have a traditional interface. Usually, for a devices to become smart, they need to be user friendly and convenient. Hence, the most popular smart devices are generally small in size which means they need smaller processor with equal power. This is achieved by special type of microprocessors called Embedded Processors.

But, until now, these embedded processors were still low on power and needed an upgrade to meet the need of the consumers. ARM, the company that has its chip tech in almost every smartphone today, just gave the category a big upgrade.


The company announced the latest processor in its M-series. These are a set of low-power processors capable of handling embedded devices like smart home appliances, drones, automotive and wearables. It is focused on making these devices more powerful. The company’s 32-bit Cortex-M7 chip architecture is a big step up from the previous top-of-the-line, the M4.

Being able to perform twice as well, while consuming the same battery life as previous chips will have benefits to many wearables.  The M7 comes with a 400MHz processor, packing more than twice the punch as the 168MHz M4 that came before it (and will continue to be available to manufacturers). It comes with support for more displays, motors, voice controls, connectivity, audio performance and improved GPS accuracy.

The company said that manufacturers are already building devices with the chip embedded, so it won’t be long before we get to see if the extra power actually makes a difference in our everyday lives.

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