HP Expected to Unveil a New Form Factor PC Called ‘Sprout’ Next Week

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HP Expected to Unveil a New Form Factor PC Called ‘Sprout’ Next Week

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After phones, tablets and smartwatches, seems like the world needs to now get ready for a PC with a new form factor. HP is about to unveil a new device which is expected to be different from anything we’ve seen till now. The product is called ‘Sprout’.

Sprout is expected to bring a whole new way of interacting with computers. Its components are minimal. It is made of one large flat screen which will be similar to HP’s Pavilion Touchsmart line. Apart from the display, there’s a touch-enabled surface and a 3D scanner and projector placed in an overhead device.

Sounds like something interesting is being cooked behind the curtains at HP. Though its functionalities are not clear yet but looking at components, it looks ready for some advanced tasks. Re/code reports that the device might project an image on the surface from the overhead device. Users can manipulate this image with their hands or a stylus. Adding new objects to this image is fairly easy. By just keeping an image on the surface, the 3D projector captures it and introduces it in the image. It seems like a great proposition for at least the graphics industry.

The target consumers for this device are businesses and prosumers so one can expect the price to be on the steeper end. But like every technological innovation, its success will lead to cheaper copies, so there’s no worry in that. For long, Keyboards and Mouse have been our way of interacting with computers, it’s good to see HP bringing a new approach to interface with the digital world.

Sprout would be unveiled at a function in New York on the 29th of October. The device is expected to run on Windows initially but may even run Android OS in the future. We’ll be keeping an eye on the release and will bring you the latest. Keep checking iGyaan for more.

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