Google’s Reinvented ‘Inbox’ App to Ease the On-The-Go E-mail Experience

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Google’s Reinvented ‘Inbox’ App to Ease the On-The-Go E-mail Experience

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E-mails have been one of the greatest tools of the last decade. The speed of communication they introduced has helped significantly to help economies grow. Though their place in personal interactions has been taken over by social media, emails have managed to stay relevant by offering features such as video chat. Gmail, world’s most used email service now brings an app that can make using e-mail in the mobility era a breeze.

“Inbox” is an email meant for folks who regularly use their mobile devices to check their emails. It is almost like a personal assistant neatly organizing your inbox so that you can just concentrate on the things you do.  The app offers multiple features to make your life easy.

First of all is the ‘Bundles’. Google introduced an exciting feature on Gmail where emails were sorted into Primary, Social and Promotions which did the heavy sorting for you. Now with Inbox Google takes it a step further. Using technology that it had for Google Now, the app can read through your content and sort travel related mails into one bundle, and your purchase info into another. You can also create new bundles and customize your inbox according to your needs.

The Snooze feature will help you get that well needed rest from your inbox.

The Snooze feature will help you get that well needed rest from your inbox.

Second feature it flaunts is ‘highlights’. Using this, you can see order updates, flight status, reservation details, and pictures without having to open the message.

One important feature of the new inbox is ‘reminders’. You can easily set up reminders at the top of your inbox. This way they stay where you can always spot them. You can also use Google Keep for this but having reminders at one place does make sense.

A feature that will be appreciated by most working professionals is snooze. Using this feature, you can choose to ignore the mountains of work emails during your rest time. Just set the snooze period you desire, and you won’t get any message or reminders during that period. If you snooze a message for office, the app will recognize when you’ve reached the office and it will show up again.

The interface of the app is clean and lets you give quick access to all you need. Hope Google keeps this app to the basics and not try to add clutter like video chat. There are already too many video chat apps out there. The simplicity of this app is really inviting.

Now all this sounds enticing enough to hit the Play store to score yourself an Inbox but, unfortunately, all good things ask for patience. Currently, the app is only available through invitation. You can send an email to [email protected] to request your invitation. We will give you a more in-depth review once we get our hands on the app. So stay tuned.


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