Everykey: A Single Wristband That Would Replace All Your Keys and Passwords

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Everykey: A Single Wristband That Would Replace All Your Keys and Passwords

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A new start-up called Everykey launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of its stylish wristband that replaces keys and passwords with one easy-to-use device. A month old fundraiser started on 29th October and the company has pledged to raise $100,000 in this one month.

The Everykey wristband is designed to store your passwords and keys securely for easy access. Available in a multitude of fashion-forward colors, Everykey is an innovative universal access device for everything that requires a physical key or password. It allows immediate access to a user’s password-protected electronics such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as physically locked items including doors, car doors, bike locks, and other access devices that need to be controlled.


“When the Everykey wristband is within the range of a user’s device, the wristband will allow the user to bypass that device’s password or physically unlock it automatically, eliminating the need for complicated passwords and cumbersome keys. Everykey also manages a password keychain, which can be used to seamlessly log users into their online accounts when they’re close to one of their devices. When the wristband goes out of range, the device automatically re-enables security mechanisms so it is safe and secure when out of trusted hands.” reads Everykey’s Kickstarter page.


“We just came up with a conceptual idea, we didn’t think it was our place to develop it because its hardware would take a lot of money to develop,” Chris Wentz, Co-Founder of Everykey, said in an interview. “But at the end of the class, the professor shook our hands and said, ‘You guys should consider doing this as a real business.’ And he offered to invest his own money. We realized, ‘Oh, this could potentially be a big idea.'”

Everykey uses military grade encryption, allowing only you to access your personal property and accounts. Like a credit card, you can instantly disable your Everykey if it ever gets lost or stolen.

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