China Develops a Laser That Can Shoot Down Low Flying Drones

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China Develops a Laser That Can Shoot Down Low Flying Drones

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In the history of weaponry, every new lethal weapon has led to the creation of a weapon that can take the lethal weapon down or at least diminish its effects. Even the most destructive of them all; the nuclear weapons can be defended from by using missile defense systems. One of the pieces of weaponry choice of countries like US is drones. The drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of getting the desired result without putting the pilot’s life in danger. China though seems to have created the counter-measure for a drone offensive and their answer is lasers.

China’s new anti-drone laser weapon has a range of two kilometers and is capable of taking down low-altitude threats in five seconds of locating the target. The state media said that the technology will be used against “various small aircrafts.” The technology has been developed at the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP).

Chinese government has been known for taking aggressive stands against almost every country that it sees as a threat. The nation’s President, Xi Jinping, had recently asked the country to be prepared for regional wars. China is already the 2nd biggest spender on defense in the world. It regularly finds itself at odds with its neighbours, especially India and the countries in the South China Sea.

The anti-drone weapon is one the steps taken by the country as a preventive measure and also to assert its military might. According to Xinhua, the weapon is effective up to a maximum altitude of 500 metres and against an aircraft flying at up to 50 metres per second (112 mph).

The drone technology has gained tremendous leap in just the recent times. Consumer models are available in departmental stores for really affordable prices. One of the officials has said that terrorists can make use of this easily available technology for their activities, and hence a deterrence is required.

A statement by CAEP says that shot down more than 30 drones in a recent test with a 100 percent success rate. The academy is also developing the next generation of laser security systems which will be capable of greater power and longer range.

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