How many GB does your average filing cabinet hold?

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How many GB does your average filing cabinet hold?

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What if you wanted to store all your data in a Filing Cabinet? How many GB could it possibly hold? Lets find out using songs as our data…

  • Well, we can say that the average song is 4MB
  • 4MB = 33554432 bits
  • One bit would be a 1 or 0
  • One printed page hold approx 6460 characters
  • So one song would take 5194 pages
  • Average paper is 24lb/ream or .0048″ per sheet
  • So, we’re looking at about 25″ of space needed for one song
  • Looking at a file cabinet of average thickness, we would say that one drawer is about 18″ deep
  • And the average file cabinet has 4 drawers
  • So we have a total of 72″ of space
  • Or 2.88 songs per cabinet
  • So one cabinet holds about 11.52MB of space
  • Or, about .01125GB

So we can conclusively say that a file cabinet stored about as much data as one and a half IBM 2311 Direct Access Storage Facility Hard Disks.

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