IBM Verse Integrates with Social Media to Declutter Your Inbox

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IBM Verse Integrates with Social Media to Declutter Your Inbox

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IBM has launched a new e-mail application, for its enterprise customers, that integrates social media, file sharing and analytics to learn a user’s behavior and predict interactions with co-workers.

Verse e-mail application is built to eliminate as much clutter as possible. The app learns your habits and puts the highest priority people and tasks at the top level. You’ll know if a key team member e-mails you during lunch hours, or that you have a meeting in 10 minutes.

In fact, IBM Verse is said to have a certain level of sentience. Since it is capable of picking up your e-mail habits, and at the same time sends the highest priority people and tasks right to the very top, it minimizes the chance of you missing out on an important e-mail.

2014-18-November-IBM Mail Verse

It also allows users to transform e-mail content into a list of blogs and social media, view the relationships between different employees in an e-mail, mute a chain and search through attachments. The e-mail’s interface pins a user’s most frequent contacts, schedule and lists of assignments to a dashboard for easy access.

“We came at this from the perspective that this is about changing the game, not just incremental improvements in e-mail,” said Jeff Schick, IBM’s General Manager of Social Solutions. “Guided by analytics, IBM Verse learns your behaviors to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work. And because it’s built for business, it understands you have special security and privacy needs, too.”

IBM Verse runs on IBM’s SoftLayer cloud with the company’s enterprise-grade security. IBM officials say that a beta release will be available to select clients and partners this month. A freemium version delivered via the IBM Cloud marketplace will be available in the first quarter of 2015. IBM Verse will also be offered as an app for both iOS and Android.

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