Intel Gives a Boost to Internet of Things with its Own Platform

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Intel Gives a Boost to Internet of Things with its Own Platform

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Internet of Things (IoT) will be the next big gift from the technology industry for consumer electronics. It will take interconnected devices to the next level and bring immense convenience to the consumers. Several big name brands are working towards making it a reality but Intel is working towards being a leader in the field by providing the backbone to the industry. The company will bring a line of chips, security features and softwares to boost the IoT ecosystem.

With this approach, the company will be at the forefront of the IoT revolution. It will provide a base for the next generation consumer as well as enterprise devices. The company intends to make it easier to connect to its data centers so as to make it easier to analyze data from the sensors of the connected devices.

The company is already at the top of consumer electronic chip market with the massive array of PCs which use its processors. The company has also made its foray into the smartphone and tablet market. However with IoT, the industry would need a massive number of chipsets. They can be used in sports shoes to huge industrial establishments.

The possibilities in a future IoT market are endless, and we can easily expect some fierce competition coming our way. After smartphones, watches and other electronics, it’s time for your fridge, iron, water purifier and other electronics to go smart. And if you think you have the technical might to create products for IoT, then this is the right time to get into the game.

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