DIY: HOW TO : Fix Battery Drain in Samsung Galaxy POP / Fit / POP CDMA

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DIY: HOW TO : Fix Battery Drain in Samsung Galaxy POP / Fit / POP CDMA

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If you have a Galaxy POP / FIT / POP cdma or even a Galaxy Ace

You are probably complaining of the poor battery life! SO were we.


But iGyaan has found a quick fix for all your woes. It seems that something in the devices is causing the chipset to overheat and cause the battery to drain. Sometimes enough to drain the battery in a few hours of NON-USE.


So here is what you need to do ( incase you didn’t already know)

  • Make Sure you remember to turn off Wifi / GPS  and Location services
  • Turning off Background Data will also improve the battery life considerably.


But we found that the above steps, may improve battery life, but do not improve it to an extent where the device is still usable. And a simple uncheck helped us resolve this predicament.

Go to Settings < Wireless And Networks < Mobile Networks

And turn of Cellular data / Phone data / Mobile data ( whatever it is called on your device)

You will see a 10x improvement in battery life to say the least. And guess what ? No more overheating of the device. We found that the processor and chipset are constantly struggling to maintain a connection with the IP provided by the cellular network. In India the Cellular data is not stable and hence causes a change in IP every few minutes, Causing the device to go into a constant loop to resolve itself on the network. Hence leading to processor overload and battery drain.

Please tell us if turning data off improved your battery life. We tested with several devices and were quite happy with the results.

If you use cellular data often you can place a quick widget on the home screen which will toggle Cellular data when you need it.

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