Snap 360 Degree Pictures on Your iPhone with 3DAround

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Snap 360 Degree Pictures on Your iPhone with 3DAround

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Well are you tired of clicking pictures from every angle to get better perspective. What if you could click a picture which can swivel around same as you see in those e-commerce websites? Well, it is now possible with your iPhones.

A new iOS app, 3DAround allows iPhone 6 users to take 360 degree pictures of objects and then show them as 3D photographs. Made by Swiss software company Dacuda, this app  takes pictures that are not just 3-dimensional, but interactive too.


All you have to do is revolve your camera phone around an object and 3DAround stitches together all the photos into a 3D image which the viewer can spin at will. Free to download, this app primarily targets food photography but it works just as well with any similarly sized object.

The 3DAround app extracts depth and structure information from a success of rapid-fire photos to create the 360-degree views. You’ll be able to interactively view the swivel-able photo through the 3DAround app or WebGL-equipped browsers like Chrome, and share some version of the images to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


By tilting the phone, the image shifts and pans around the object with movements.

With the recent launch of devices like HTC EVO sporting stereoscopic double cameras that can take slightly “3D” photos, 3DAround for iOS gives iPhone users an edge.  Apple’s iOS8 camera is a key component of 3DAround functionality, according to the company. The phone’s integrated gyro sensor lets the app capture in holographic detail, the presentation of all types of food.

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