CES 2015 : Now Shoot Thermal Images With Any Smartphone

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CES 2015 : Now Shoot Thermal Images With Any Smartphone

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FLIR is the company which specialises in making thermal image sensors. The company works from consumer level all the way up to military defense. Last year they brought an innovative back cover for iPhones that let them take thermal images. But ever since Apple went ahead and stretched out the size of its iPhone line-up, it became evident that FLIR had to take a new course of action to revive its market.

So this year at CES, FLIR has come with a new gadget that works with just about any smartphone device. The FLIR One attachment can be plugged into a lighting port for Apple devices and the micro USB port for the Android devices. The variant seems more convenient than its previous generation as you have the option of using the device only when you need it.

The device comes with its own internal battery so it doesn’t suck in the precious juice from your smartphone. Thermal camera in itself is not capable of capturing detailed images and so FLIR One has two cameras. One called the Lepton camera which shoots thermal images while a standard camera that shoots a normal image. Then both the images are blended together to give a better thermal image output.

Thermal cameras let you see the world with a new perspective. This device is not just for educational and entertainment purpose but can also come handy in day to day life. You can use it to find the rodent or insects hiding inside your walls or even finding pets lost in the woods.

The new FLIR One is expected to come into the market by the mid-2015 and is expected to be priced close to its predecessor at $350.

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