Mozilla Brings Out Firefox v35 with a Cool New Conversation Tool

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Mozilla Brings Out Firefox v35 with a Cool New Conversation Tool

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Mozilla has launched the new version of its internet browser called Firefox Version 35 Final which will be followed by  Firefox for Android 35.0 in the coming days. The latest version comes with various new features including new room-based conversion tool for Firefox Hello, improved geolocation tools and an integrated download manager for Android.

The new room-based chat model allows users to organise different conversations and contacts in groups, making it easy to keep track of old chats and start new ones with your contacts. The new version has also simplified the chat process by removing certain steps.


Now, when you start a conversation, a window opens showing a self-view until the person you have invited clicks on the link and joins you. When they do, you’ll be notified with an audio alert and the Hello icon will turn blue. According to Mozilla, Firefox Hello is the world’s  first global communications system built directly into a browser.

Second important iteration in the Firefox v35 is the Firefox Marketplace for the desktop, however, it is currently in Beta.  The marketplace is already available on Firefox OS and Firefox for Android, now the company is testing apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the help of selected users.

Next up is the soon-to-release Android-build version with the promise of improved opt-in geolocation service with the help of your Wi-Fi and cellular signal. Along with this, Bing Search will provide secure search via HTTP and will be integrated with the Android download manager as well.

All of the aforementioned features will be available in Firefox toolbar and in the Customize mode. The v35 is already available for Windows, Mac and Linux as free, open-source download fon while the Firefox Version 35 for Android will be available shortly.

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