Tech in 2, Episode 1 : 3D Printing Explained in 2 Minutes

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Tech in 2, Episode 1 : 3D Printing Explained in 2 Minutes

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In this fast-paced world, wouldn’t it be great if  someone explained complex technology in the time your instant noodles cooked? We took it upon ourselves to bring the best of the information in one easy sized bite.

Welcome to ‘Tech In 2’, iGyaan’s latest show. Here you get everything you want to know about any gizmo or technology you desire. If you want to know about anything in the world of technology, leave a comment below, and we’ll bring out an episode for you.

To begin, we bring you this episode on 3D printing or additive manufacturing(AM). It is a revolutionary technology that will completely revolutionize the way we buy things. We explain how you can create almost anything from a small tool to an entire house using the technology. Feel free to share the video with someone you think needs the info.

Read more about 3D printing technology here.

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