WhatsApp Says WhatsApp Plus Users Will Face Temporary Bans, Not Permanent

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WhatsApp Says WhatsApp Plus Users Will Face Temporary Bans, Not Permanent

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A few days WhatsApp began banning those users who had been using third party applications like WhatsApp+. The messaging app stated privacy concerns for the ban. WhatsApp has come out and said that the move is just temporary, and users can follow some easy steps to start using their service again.

The bans were handed down for a 24 hour period. Users could uninstall the third party app and install a fresh version of the official app from the app store, and they would be re-instated back. But recently a Google+ post saying that Whatsapp is starting a Permanent Account Disable purge caused a lot of concerns amongst the users.

WhatsApp has come out to clear the air. Earlier, WhatsApp used to ban the third party app users for a period of 24 hours, and the message showed up with a countdown clock, but now it’s extended indefinitely and the countdown clock has been removed. The company said that the third party app users will be unblocked only after they have uninstalled the third party app. They are not permanently banned from the service.

WhatsApp had claimed piracy and security concerns for the ban. It cited the case of Snapchat where users’ personal content were hacked in through third party app. So if you want to use the official WhatsApp app, you would have to delete WhatsApp+, WhatsApp Reborn, OgWhatsapp or any other third-party client from your smartphone.

This feels like a case of arm-twisting by the messaging giant, but it sure is needed to increase security. There is accountability with the official app, but there is none with third party apps. It’s better to take the safer approach than trade your personal information for a few new emoticons on a third party app. WhatsApp is anyways introducing features such as voice calling soon, so you would be better off sticking with the official WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp should acquire them instead banning them & incorporate at-least some of the features.

For only a few new emoticons? Are you fucking retarded? Whatsapp+ and Whatsapp Reborn are EXACTLY what Whatsapp SHOULD BE. *Full resolution picture sending and allows TWICE the video size to be sent. *Instant retrieval of images from Google, within the app. *FULL customisation of the entire app interface. *The ability to truly block read receipts and a bunch of other privacy fixes. *Toast notifications when someone comes online. *Uninterrupted audio clips, more (better) emotions, custom backgrounds for EVERY contact. *And so much more. Whatsapp+ and Whatsapp Reborn make using an otherwise completely a shitty, underwhelming, monopolised message client actually… Read more »
Jawad Muaathen



Very good summary. I have no idea why Whatsapp is downgrading the picture quality so much when 90% of the users sit on high end phones with high res screens and 4g LTE internet connection. Picture quality and video should be top notch 100% size.
Its 2015 now, not 2007.