Yu Yuphoria Extreme Drop Test (Video)

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Yu Yuphoria Extreme Drop Test (Video)

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Yu Televentures recently launched its latest budget offering the Yuphoria, at a mere Rs. 6,999. According to our review, the YU Yuphoria may be a budget handset, but its build quality and design feels like a lot more. The phone has a fantastic construction for its price, an all-metal frame, made from stamped parts, which have been laser welded into place. The edges give the phone a lot of rigidity and strength, which in turn gives a reassuring feeling to the holder. The back has a soft touch rubberized back panel, which is not prone to fingerprints.

That was our initial feedback of the device. Now we decided to really test the sturdiness of the phone. What better way to do that than to have the phone take a drop test?

Want to know how it fared? Watch the video below:

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  • AbhishekMalakar

    YU yuphoria is great built phone. its features are high end and the UI is cool. The phone is so affordable at a price of 6999 which is the best part. the camera quality is awsome and the corning gorilla glass is so smooth to operate

  • yashdimpu

    KicstarV Djkrimp YUplaygod Why not go a bit more hardcore? Here, watch this

  • yashdimpu

    KicstarV Djkrimp YUplaygod Not the everyday conditions but its pretty common to destroy the device in ‘durability tests’

  • KicstarV

    yashdimpu Djkrimp YUplaygod these are your everyday conditions right!! You can accidentally hit your phone with a bat!! Nd throw it ! Wow

  • KicstarV

    yashdimpu Djkrimp YUplaygod not that hitting it with a baseball bat!!! Really why stop there , put it under a truck wheel!! Right

  • lepidolitebxp

    YUplaygod I watched it 3 times.I like how the yuphoria handles it without even screen guard.I love everything except killing the yuphoriaU0001f631U0001f629

  • yashdimpu

    KicstarV Djkrimp YUplaygod What else did you expect in the video? A basic drop test from random side and goodbye?

  • vijayshah88

    YUplaygod what about sound out put through earphone? extremly bad out put …

  • bhuvi_rajput

    YUplaygod Bekaar phone.. No need to purchase it !!

  • BikramMohanty

    Sirjeee . . . .Bina Tode Wo phone mere ko de dete  . .. i have no smart phone . . .plz

  • KicstarV

    YUplaygod i wish that phone was your iphone Djkrimp !!!! You destroyed it !!! U0001f622U0001f622

  • atri_320

    YUplaygod terrifying test!!!!!

  • Samm_cenation

    YUplaygod plz provide the update for otg support for #Yuphoria

  • Somnath Dutta

    Bharat Nagpal sir, thod kuin rahen hain… 1 – 2 extra padahay to humein de do…

  • Raj Tolani

    You have cried in one of your post for low internet speed in india. and you are posting a unnecessarily LENGHTY video of “WASTING RESOURCES (phone)” :O
    Make me correct if i am wrong.

  • Hitesh Pariyani

    Why ? Why all this ??

  • Sayan Bhowmik

    Yay finally a drop test!

  • Satyarthsinh Rathod

    Raxit Vekaria Raxit Vekaria

  • Pulkit Kapoor

    Siddharth Verma Nishant Tyagi Abhishek Sharma

  • Shreejeet Praveen

    Bro, they get money of every view on their video, and they would get around 10k for the VID, why would they give it to you for free… #nologic

  • Thakshak Gudimetla

    Srinanda Reddy Karri watch it

  • Nirmal Raj

    But Instead Of Breaking Such Phones you can offer some give aways :-/

  • Nirmal Raj

    Lol :-P Nice and Rough hit with the baseball bat

  • Sharan Narayan

    Do one for the mi4i.

  • Arpan Sojatiya

    Good efforts.. but video is too lenthy.. sometime it was irritating seeing same thing again in angles in slo-mo. Whole vido could have been shortened to 4 minutes.

  • JaIn AbHi

    Jallad… HhaahHh

  • Rahil Pariswala

    I want these phone too even if i habe xperia z

  • Aditya Sevad Rajpurohit

    itne me aesa hi milega

  • Saurabh Rawat


  • Mohan Yadav

    Should’ve given that one to me instead of breaking it for drop test ! :D
    PS : I don’t have a phone now :(

  • Divyansh Rahangdale

    nice bro :D


    We wouldn’t recommend you do this to your phone either. :D

  • Humza Qureshi

    I’m glad that igyaan has done a drop test review, but people just don’t like destroying phones… Anyways you’ve got to do these important reviews…

  • Deepak Pal

    Paap chadhega.. :P by the way.. still it’s a great build quality phone… No one gonna play with it like this.

  • Naresh Velu

    ^K Kulu.

  • Vishalraj Waghmare

    I want this phone!

  • Anish Krishnan

    youtube money

  • Sanman Malvankar

    he gets it free from yu (marketting strategy)

  • Paramjeet Singh

    They have a lots of it….don’t worry

  • Avyay Agarwal

    Drop test or baseball bat test

  • Kalim Qureshi

    you guys really nailed it …. btw really loved this phone i got one for myself.but i wont do this to my phone .

  • Vikram Ghosh

    How could you guys waste money like this ?

  • Samson Julius

    hey i love this phone a lot but i am jobless dont have a money to buy this phone but you crushed full phone :-(
    i really want this phone kash aap mujhe de dete.,