Samsung Has Surprisingly Sold One Million Units of Tizen Powered Z1 Since January 2015

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Samsung Has Surprisingly Sold One Million Units of Tizen Powered Z1 Since January 2015

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It seems Samsung has not lost hope yet with Tizen. Z1, the company’s first phone to run on Tizen OS, got negative responses from critics and consumers alike. It seemed the low price of Rs. 5,000 wasn’t enough to save the phone from extinction. As we previously stated, the phone was barely unique and failed to find space for itself in the brutal smartphone marketplace. Still, Samsung never lost hope in its homegrown OS, also known as the company’s answer to Android One.

It seems Samsung’s faith in Tizen has paid off.

Today, Samsung India said that it has sold a record 1 million Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 smartphones since its launch in January 2015.

Asim Warsi, vice-president-marketing, Mobile and IT, Samsung India, said:

Our insights have shown that consumers hesitate to move beyond the familiar basic and simple interaction with their mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, Samsung Z1 features an easy to use UI that offers a smooth and fast experience to ensure a seamless migration to smartphones.

Samsung is reportedly developing Z2, the successor to Z1. The phone is speculated to feature a 4-inch WVGA display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 768 MB RAM, 4 GB inbuilt storage, and 1500 mAh battery. If the company plays its cards right, Z2 could strengthen the future for Tizen OS.

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Tejan Mitra
Tejan Mitra
  • VK Vicky

    It’s true. Tizen Z1 has very good market in Offline. & Price is also not too high. 4750/-. Peoples buying because of Samsung Brand.

  • Nasir Khan

    Did I mention Tizen?

  • Hatred Pride

    crappiest phone ever….after bada os…

  • Shahidul Alam Choudhury

    Fake data… U0001f615

  • Vijay Pal

    Do these people exist in reality ?

  • Aayush Parashar

    Many people in India thinks TouchScreen + 3 buttons + Samsung = Android :P

  • Nikhilkumar Nirmanik

    Really shocking. May be the people saw the brand not os

  • Sarthak Cooldude

    worst phone ever i hve seen U0001f61eU0001f602

  • Aayush Manoj Bhatia

    And please tell me how will you install CM into a Tizen phone

  • Nasir Khan

    and #Tizen is absolute crap

  • Nasir Khan

    cyanogenmod+samsung phone all set

  • Rishi Ngolo Gurung

    means i millions regrets :P

  • Crîm??ál AJ

    And then people sold this phn as a 2nd hand device next day -_- lul #sameshit
    And exactly Samsung didn’t succeeded its all because anyone buying their first phn get attracted towards Samsung and then screwd when its starts lagging :/

  • Prithvi Krishna

    Meaning there are 1 million fools…

  • Arjun Hari

    My mom without my knowledge broght that f**king device .. Total crap..
    Poor touch response , crap os and many cons

  • Aayush Parashar

    sold where ??? i have seen no one using this piece of crap :O