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New Delhi From the Sky

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With a lot of smartphones now showcasing their 4K video recording capabilities, we decided to evaluate the best for 4k video. After extensive testing, we chose the Motorola Moto Turbo for our video.

The Moto Turbo has a high speed 64 GB inbuilt storage which lets you capture 4K footage non stop vs most of the other devices which have a maximum peak of 5 minutes or so and are prone to over heating.

We took the Moto Turbo and retro fitted it on to a drone , a DIY hack of massive proportions. Before we proceed with the details further, Flying a Drone in India without permissions is punishable by law and get you jail time or large fines. Now that we have the disclaimers out of the way, We took the drone out in New Delhi and took it to the Sky.

The Ballistic Nylon back of the Moto Turbo gave us a hope that if the phone did fall from our Zip-tie DIY hack, it would land on the back and be safe (although, that did not happen). What happened next simply blew us away. Check the video below.

Note: The Video has been post-processed, sped up, stabilized in certain places and the night shots have been enhanced.

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Bharat Nagpal
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  • ramitsuri

    Post some pictures of the rig please.

  • Rama Verma


  • Saif Beg


  • siddharthverma1995

    Great work there, love and respect for you guys. keep doing the tech work. Awesome igyaan, Awesome Bharat sir.

  • Milan Makwana

    Wonderful ! Tech at the whole new level :)

  • Suryam Srivastav

    U should have gone with lg g4 or the galaxy s6.

  • Joyanta Modak

    @iGyaan How did you manage to get the permission to fly drone in india…I have one here…not sure whether I can bring it with me to india…

  • ???? ??????

    Looks great for a smartphone. Also, a really intriguing project, iGyaan (y)
    I’d like more cities to be captured in this project, most importantly my own city, Lucknow :D

  • Jay Johar

    It looks good feel good …

  • Rajan Singh

    What i feel is camera handles motion well and details are good. Though it seems video is not as sharp and color is not as natural as a good camera could do. But for a smartphone camera, it is fine enough. As the phone camera handles the motion well in video, so i think its autofocus is good, if not the best.

  • Birbrata Roy

    great job, awesome :)

  • HimanshuDutt

    Which drone did you use for this shoot?

  • Rohit Daftari

    Truely igyaan rocksU0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Anshul Thakur

    Great U0001f60d