The Next iPhone May Finally Drop 16GB Base Model In Favor of 32GB

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The Next iPhone May Finally Drop 16GB Base Model In Favor of 32GB

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Given the fact that Apple does not include a microSD slot for expanding memory, a 16GB iPhone can get really cranked up with just a handful of games, apps and music. Apple also has issues regarding the iOS updates, which require an immense amount of free space to install. The company is even going to drastic measures to ensure that its entry-level devices can upgrade to newer versions of iOS by removing apps before installation to reclaim disk space, and then reinstalling them after the iOS update has ended.

But, with the upcoming iPhone 6S, 16GB models may soon become obsolete. We think that the next iPhone will not have a 16GB variant, but instead will go for the 32GB as a start. Interestingly, Apple removed the 32GB storage option after the 5S. Bumping the entry-level offering to 32GB would give customers a better experience.

It is highly unlikely that Apple will be going for a significant design change for the new upcoming iPhone. Since with the iPhone 6, the company’s flagship went through a major makeover. We also read that the next iPhones will include Force Touch and a new casing to make the iPhone 6S wider, taller and stronger.

The new model will run on iOS 9 and have an upgraded processor, as Apple announced at the WWDC this year. We saw in May that Samsung might provide chipsets and displays for Apple’s upcoming products. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Analyst at KGI Securities, says that Apple’s next iPhone 6s models will be powered by a next-gen A9 processor. There are no official confirmations from both the tech powerhouses, but if correct, we may soon see something very different from this alliance. Some sources state that the upcoming handset is expected to arrive with a 2GB RAM.

From the battery perspective, Apple will use a next-gen battery that goes beyond the barrier of the conventional rectangular slab type and can take any shape. This battery consists of thin electrode sheets stacked on one another. This way, developers would be able to utilize the reserved cell space to embed an LTE chip.

There is still have more than a month before we see the new iPhone. Until then, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with its (leaked) details.

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