5 Things the OnePlus 2 Should Have Had

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5 Things the OnePlus 2 Should Have Had

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The OnePlus 2 officially arrived today, and at first glance, it is worth the price. Still, like many who complain about The Avengers for being incomplete, there are some who wish OnePlus 2 could have been more than it is.

We look at 5 things that OnePlus could have included in its flagship killer (their words, not ours):

4K Display

OnePlus went with 1080p display for the OnePlus 2, citing it enough for viewing experience. Although 1080p resolution makes for a good viewing experience, 4K display adds more clarity and livens up the picture. Remember Sony Xperia Z series? If you ever watched the 4K trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2  on a Xperia Z, the 4K resolution makes the trailer look full of life, not to forget the smoothness with which it plays. OnePlus could’ve used the advantage of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, but it didn’t. The upside to this is  – the 1080p display might’ve helped keep its cost down.


NFC: While not huge, NFC has become important over the years. NFC could’ve allowed users to pay directly from the phone, connect accessories, transfer files and much more. Seems like a missed opportunity for OnePlus. At the India launch, the company claimed that the product has been made after conducting extensive research from consumers. Apparently, the data collected showed that not many users were inclined on using the NFC feature.

Open Sale System

OnePlus Invites

OnePlus faced criticism for this last time and the company faces it again, this year. Invites are dreadful; they may arrive late, may be expired and above all, it is hard to score one in the first place. For example, the company said that regular visitors on its forums would be favoured. OnePlus has to find a better way for the registration process.

More Storage Options

It’s unfair. OnePlus offers OnePlus 2 in two variants: 16GB/64GB. While those with 64GB may have no problem with storage, those with 16GB will be banging their heads against the wall. The company can introduce an expandable storage option in the lower variants. Or it can do the alternate: make the 32GB the lowest model, just like Apple did. This should satisfy users with storage problems.

Wireless and Quick Charging

one plus 2 USB

Since smartphone companies have failed to provide us with long-lasting batteries, they should be focusing on making sure that charging a device is quick and easy.

Any other feature you wished the OnePlus 2 had? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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