OnePlus’ Exclusive Invite System Gets Hacked

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OnePlus’ Exclusive Invite System Gets Hacked

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Line-cutting, is by far the most annoying thing on earth. This happens at banks, colleges, restaurants, coffee shops etc. and now it has happened on the, already miles long, OnePlus 2 sales line.

How did this happen? We are all aware that OnePlus has an exclusive system in place, if you want to get a hold of its new device – OnePlus 2. This system needs one to score an invite to avail the new device. The invites are limited in number and tough to get a hold of. However, even after registering for the device there are a couple of other things one needs to do in order to get ahead. For example- one has to be up to date with all the giveaways, one needs to pair up with a friend by using the invite that can be shared with friends or family, keep up with all the contests on social media about the new device, and one can even join the company’s forum to get a preference of receiving an invite.

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This system has been kept in place to ensure that they only manufacture enough inventory as the demand, so that the supply will never overpower the demand. Again you ask why? This is because they are a young start up and this system will help them manage their risks far better than a mass-scale production would.

OnePlus 2 0

Now one particular user, Jake Cooper, an avid OnePlus follower, who fulfilled all these commands and finally got a position on the OnePlus invite waiting list at number 9000, was faced with a strange crisis after falling to a position of > 70,000 even after following all the processes. However, for the OnePlus 2, the company suggested, that in order to get ahead in line, one can refer as many friends to the invite list, and accordingly one’s position moves forward.


His solution: he hacked the system via a number of technical manoeuvres, a couple of python lines and, and managed to send a number of references to random email ids through an affiliated account. He actually managed to get from > 70,000 in line to just 1,694 in about 20 minutes.

OnePlus 2 12

However, he has actually notified OnePlus about the hack, and has even shared the entire procedure on a website, as to how he skipped so far ahead on an exclusive and protected line. He has also offered to take down the procedure if notified by OnePlus. For more details of how this happened, click here.

Do you approve of this technical manoeuvre?

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  • Akshay Kumar Phogat bhai/behen ispe sign up kardo mtlb count me in likha hoga apni id register kardo thn gmail kolkar confirm kardo here isan invite for u drctly to a upper list :)

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    Yes, I did it too. I managed to achieve 2K from 52K in 5 minutes.

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    LOL Invite system was hacked before :3 i used to get 400+ invites in one go :v :P
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    this the link for getting an shortcut invite.

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