Report: We Might See the Samsung Galaxy S7 By This December

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Report: We Might See the Samsung Galaxy S7 By This December

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In a usual scenario, we would see a new Samsung S series handset being released in the second quarter of every year. However, if reports from Phonearea are right, we may soon see a new Galaxy S7 in the market. Reports read that the company has adopted the new ‘Agile’ process instead of the traditional ‘Waterfall’ method.

The Agile methodology means creating a project with simple beginnings and building it up by dividing development into modules that are executed as fast as possible. The project gets tested and assessed every time a module gets completed, but the main advantage of this method is that the product can easily be replaced mid-way due to the flexibility of modular development. This goes in contrast with Waterfall development that basically implies a very precise plan, and once you finish a critical stage of the project, you can no longer go back.

If the S7 applies the Agile methodology, we may see a new S-series devices in the next edition of the Mobile World Conference.

For now, we have absolutely no clue about the specs and the design of the Galaxy S7. Few reports suggest that Samsung is still deciding between a Qualcomm processor and one of its own Exynos chips. But, if the device is slated to be releasing in December, we may hear a word or two soon enough.

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    same design everything same samsung shame

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    i laughed harder than i should’ve :v

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    This December is too early for S7. Noways.

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    We might see samsung galaxy S20 by new year

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    does s6 go well??

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    Pehle release to hone de

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    Samsung Galaxy s7 how much bai

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    my hope in humanity will be restored if samsung makes this a budget flagship rather than premium flagship

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    Very nice

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    and in Jan, “S7 — price dropped by 20k rs.”

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    S10 by September 2016

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