Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 May Not Arrive in India After All

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 May Not Arrive in India After All

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The Redmi Note 2 turned out to be a huge success in China, soon after its launch last week. Xiaomi claimed to have sold 800,000 units in just 12 hours, which set a new record for the company. With this success riding on their backs, one would assume that the device will launch in India as well, however, the company stated that it had no such plans.

Unfortunately, for Indian fans, Xiaomi has run into some legal tussles and hence, will refrain from launching the Note 2 in India. The Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 2 Prime run on MediaTek’s Helio X10 chipsets and hence Ericsson filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Chinese company, barring it from launching a device that boosted Xiaomi’s success rate. However, the court has allowed the company to sell devices running on Qualcomm’s silicon.

A Xiaomi spokesperson commented:

We are continuously evaluating new products that can be launched in India. But, as of now we do not have plans to launch Redmi Note 2 in India.

The case was filed because of  Ericsson’s Standard Essential Patents for wireless technology standards like GSM, Edge and 3G. Ericsson is supposed to licence their patents under the FRAND (Free Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) terms. However, they claim that Xiaomi did not pay them any royalty before or after using technology innovations that were covered under their patents.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like all Redmi Note 2 fans are going to have to wait a while or look for other options.

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  • Nikit Doshi

    Ayushi Shah

  • JohnRupesh

    You are right man. and that is never going to happen. better look at Meizu m2 note

  • JohnRupesh

    Its better than your fake pride bro.

  • JohnRupesh

    Limited edition mi4i colors.

  • JohnRupesh

    meizu m2 note is a very good option. its almost similar to redmi note 2

  • Satyanarayan Majhi

    Piyush Pati

  • Kunal Ghosh

    Sara redmi note 2 china me out off stock ho gaya…. 12hours me 80000….

  • Jesse R Ezung

    Lol Buy for me :D

  • Esakzou Manlun

    Yeah buddy go for it

  • Krupesh Patel

    Its very very bad news.

  • Harshit Chaudhari

    Make in India :3

  • Arinjay Jain

    They may change to processor and bring it to India ?

  • Ajay Chhabra

    Mi please note that Meizu mx5 is launching with the same processor on 26th Aug, 2015.

  • Parth Garg

    Why is everyone criticising xiaomi? They wanted to launch this smartphone in Indian market but they have to abide by the court decisions

  • Hussain Sait

    Itzz a very sad newzzz

  • lokeshreddy7wands

    19th event is for releasing miui 7 and also for releasing mi4i in yellow pink and blue colours with limited stocks

  • Jesse R Ezung

    Esakzou Manlun

  • Paresh Rajput


  • Karan Sadarangani

    Syed Mahmood Hasan well now you have no other option except for buying moto g3 or Samsung j7 for your budgetU0001f61d

  • Parth Solanki

    Ghanta bc

  • Tabish Alam

    Xiaomi should pay some royalty to Ericson and should launch the device on 19th. Afterall it is earning good money.

  • Ayush Kumar

    “India is Xiaomi’s Most Important Overseas Market” Says CEO Lei Jun
    hmm now they replced most by less
    but why they are helding a event on 19th umm just for a themed miui 6 ? rip mi rip miui7 rip rip rip

  • Vysakh RB
  • Kaustubh Rai

    Why it happens only in India?

  • Mridul Khurana

    Harsh Khurana

  • Shirish Kamath

    then why the hungama ..for the 19th august …just for MiUi 7 …what a joke …..

  • Akshay Purohit

    yr what is this…theek. hai fir chaina se mngwana padega…..this is nor fair. xiaomi…

  • Hatred Pride

    Better go for Honor 6 or take OnePlus One. Mi4 is crap..

  • Hatred Pride

    Its true… just wait some days and Mi will launch Mi Note here in India which was originally lauched months ago. .. tired of this company.

  • Karan Suru

    Xiaomi needs snapdragon 805 to catch up with helio x10, or directly 810 but would increase the price

  • Deepakk Tiwari

    Manohar Raj

  • Sheikh Mubashir

    and plus point is that you can use otg pendrive in mi4 upto 32gb as an external memory drive

  • Sheikh Mubashir

    mi4 16 gb is also good choice if you not a hungry for memory otherwise 64 gb version. bcoz 64gb version is very costly as compared to 16gb version

  • Akhil Rajendra Patil

    Mi4 64gb bro go for it…

  • Tashi Phuntsog Lachungpa

    ok now definitely can’t wait for this bad boy…. guys which one should I get honor 6 or mi 4… thanks in advance!!!

  • Vibhaw Kumar

    Due to mtk chipset

  • Ravi Shankar

    It’s not like DAT. As of now patent rights for media tech processors are with Ericsson

  • Humza Qureshi

    Why is the patent case with Ericsson only in India???

  • Sheikh Mubashir

    disappointed after all xiaomi have good build quality… btw mediatek x10 is way better than snapdragon 615

  • Manju BV

    What does it mean… No plans for India..only want to sell unsold one’s

  • Neel Rang

    Waiting to purchase it but unfortunately

  • Jeera Chaudhari

    According to them Indians dosnt deserve it. They want to sell crap here.