Xiaomi Shows Off Their New OS, The MIUI 7

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Xiaomi Shows Off Their New OS, The MIUI 7

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In addition to the much awaited Redmi Note 2 that was only launched in China, Xiaomi also released its OS which is the new version of the company’s Android-based operating system. The MIUI 7 OS was announced in China and the international launch took place today, in India.

We will get to see a lot more features and information on the MIUI 7, this time so before we take a look, let us show you a video that shows the performance of the MIUI 7:

This UI was announced on August 16th 2010, and now has 48 official ROMs by various MIUI developers, and 480 community ROMs.That seems to be substantial growth in the last 5 years as the MUI has over 150 million users today spread across a 156 countries. Naturally then, it has a lot of expectations riding on its back.

Firstly,  it has a feature called ‘System UIs’, which is basically a bunch of theme sets that allow you to customise your phone according to your own taste.  It has 4 choices; Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.

A second cool feature would be ‘Showtime.’ This allows you to attach animated videos to certain contacts that you’ll be able to view when they call you. Cool, right? The most amazing part is that we don’t need to keep waiting for it either. Contrary to how launches usually work, this time we will get to see this particular feature in India first, and then it will roll out in other areas. Let’s feel special for a moment.

Thirdly, it has a feature called ‘Auto DND’ that can be used in combination with your Mi Band fitness tracker, if you own one, of course. What it does is, if a Mi Band detects you’re sleeping, it will automatically put the device in a Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, and silence your device. Once you wake up, the DND will be disabled. It’s like your personal butler, in a way.

source: Gsmarena

source: Gsmarena

The ‘XXL Text’ is something that most elderly people ought to use. It’s a feature that allows you to apply  huge fonts on your smartphone, whilst promising that your Xiaomi UI won’t become dysfunctional. Another feature called The ‘MIUI Data Saver’ is actually powered by Opera Max’s compression tech. This will release worldwide, in a month and will offer you data saving across all apps. Why is this a good thing? Because Opera’s cloud compresses data, and hence can save you a lump sum of cash when it comes to mobile data (up to 50% less data consumption).

The MIUI 7 even has a feature called The ‘Baby Album’ that uses face recognition to identify adorable babies and group their photos with you.  And lastly, The ‘Daily Lockscreen’ feature chooses a picture to put on your lockscreen, on a daily basis. Once again, we have the privilege of seeing these features first in India, before they roll out elsewhere.

Thus those are a list of features you should be looking out for, starting 24th August which is when the MIUI 7 update will be available. You’ll get the taste of the new OS on the Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi 3, 4, 4i and Redmi Note 3G/4G.

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  • Srk Siddique

    Look. Like iphone

  • Aran Perumal

    No worries dude, 100% sure redmi2 Prime will updated to MIUI7

  • Aran Perumal

    Yes can’t agree more on that.

  • M Laxmi Prasad

    MiUi is an awesome OS.

  • Manish Sanodiya

    wat about my redmi note????

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  • Nirmit Kaushik

    Yusss :”) I’ll get :”)

  • Yogesh Gaikwad

    Clock is ticking…

  • Udit Verma

    New OS? or ROM

  • Karan Sadarangani

    Rajesh Kumar Bhai…24th se miui7 aata check krna

  • Kaustubh Rai

    Wht about size of this os…

  • Utkarsh Singh Chandel

    Happy to hear.. Thanks for the reply.. But they haven’t mentioned this device to get updat to miui 7 in near future..

  • Himanshu Shahi

    MI user its beta right now but quite usable

  • Himanshu Shahi


  • Sagar Shastri

    Nirmit Kaushik :’3

  • Thakshak Gudimetla

    In addition to Redmi note 2……? Igyaan sucks now a days….

  • Jayendra Pratap Singh Hada

    It is still crappy

  • abhijeet834u

    Sachin Rathee as per official statement, android 5.1 . Those people who have been using miui6 China developer edition for mi4 and redmi note 4g have already used this feature. This features are great and very helpful.

  • Rahul Roy

    Both are looking lil bit laggy ..

  • Sachin Rathee

    Which version of Android is it based on?

  • Shubham Pawar

    Neha Ashok Nadeesh Vvs

  • abhijeet834u

    Its not released until now. Will be released on 24th August 2015. beta version bcoz all features are not implemented.

  • Dilip Prakash

    In addition to the much awaited Redmi Note 2

  • Utkarsh Singh Chandel

    What about Redmi 2 Prime update to MIUI 7..?? Will it recive the update or not..??

  • ???? ??????

    Is it stable? Has anyone used their OS on devices other than mi-devices? How’s the performance?

  • Shahrayar Jamil

    just awsm os :*