Here’s How Facebook is Set to Kickstart Your Programming Career

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Here’s How Facebook is Set to Kickstart Your Programming Career

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Facebook initially started with the likes of Orkut and Twitter but has expanded its horizons further. Stepping out of the safety net of being the world’s largest social networking site, it has now gone a step further and introduced TechPrep. What’s that?

It is a new initiative with consulting mogul, McKinsey & Company that will help people by offering tutorials, tools and games to help kids kickstart their careers in Computer Programming. Sounds heavy, doesn’t it? But the whole point of this initiative is to reach out to children and parents all over who don’t have the resources to educate them in Programming.


Congressperson Eddie Bernice Johnson, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said in a statement.

“When so much of our present and our future is dependent on computer science and programming, we cannot afford to continue hemorrhaging so much talent. We must all work together to leverage our respective strengths and resources to tackle this issue.”

Facebook plans to concentrate on high populations of Black and Latino people who are either lower-income families or belong to generations of non-college or graduate parents.

Facebook Global Director of Diversity Maxine Williams stated in an interview with TechCrunch:

“What we see around coding and programming, is that there are some communities in which, because the parents’ capacity is not there, we’re losing whole generations of people who could be guided into these really lucrative, engaging, satisfying careers.”

In a country where we churn out ‘Techies’ ruthlessly, it might be strange to believe that TechPrep actually stemmed from a lack of ‘coloured’ people working in the field of computer sciences. Facebook itself as company consists of 55% white people. Therefore, they felt like if they themselves make computer programming accessible to a larger expanse of the American coloured population, they would actually be encouraging people to pick a lucrative career in this field, thereby increasing their workforce.

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We had previously told you why coding is important in today’s day and age. Facebook’s TechPrep just proved our stance.

So check it out, you might be Programming like a pro before you know it.

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