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Skype Video Calling Hacked to Work on Sensation and Galaxy S2 Update : Mi 410

The latest Skype update enables video calling on Android device, but is limited to a strict number of devices. The folks over at DroidLife have found a way to make it work on your new Android 2.3 devices including the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Simply Download the Cracked Skype from the link on droidlife and copy it to your device and install it. (Make sure third party apps are enabled in your settings)

Oh yeah we tested it on the HTC Sensation, and it works flawlessly.


UPDATE: Big update we got the new Skype app up and running and making calls on the Mi 410 from SPICE. A video coming up soon.


mohd afais
mohd afais

friends i can help you out i have downloaded and installed it. if you need to see the video how i did look in to the site. its much better. peopel they have used the blueberry mobile sw. they are trying to fool us. but is having spice logo at startup. so they made some changes.SPICE people are fools. THEY HAVE NOT TOLD 1 important thing. WHEN YOU EXTRACT YOU NED TO RENAME ITYOU FOOL SPICE PEOPLE ARE YOU MAD AH? friends please rename and use it..if the download link is dead mail me i will upload the file and give you friends the link chk the video in no need to ctack the skype. the one in the marker will do. see my video. it is not cracker. mail me