Dominos Just made a Pizza Delivery Robot

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Dominos Just made a Pizza Delivery Robot

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With a large number of pizzas delivered each day, one would think dominos would scale up technology to make the production of Pizzas more efficient, not deliveries. It looks like the future is filled with drones and Robots. The new robot known as DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) can travel at about 12 mph and can easily handle varied terrain though it’s not designed for major road use.

Think of deliveries happening in remote areas. The Pizza remains safe and hot and is only unlocked by a special mobile code sent to the recipient of the order. Wath the demo video below.


DRU uses a LIDAR sensory system that allows the unit to detect obstacles in its path and change its route accordingly. It measures objects and distance by illuminating them with a laser light. Each unit also comes equipped with traditional sensors that detect obstructions at close range, just like a robot vacuum cleaner.

It weighs approximately 190kg and has a maximum height of 1185mm (922mm with the compartment closed.) The body is constructed of ABS and urethane plastics, the lenses are made using PMMA (acrylic) plastics and the internal chassis is finished using aluminium and mild steel. It is water tight and weather proof.

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  • Sunny Bhutani

    what if somebody breaks it with a hammer and steal that pizza…lol!!

  • Lovely Kaul

    machine khrab na pizza labna na machine ahahaha

  • Eu Gene Goh

    Imagine the rate of unsuccessful pizza delivery. Pizza Mia.

  • Manpreet Singh Pattar

    Tension na lao sarian error thik kar du main bas tusi order karo.. lol

  • Parveer Hunjan

    Prompt Error..! =D

  • Manpreet Singh Pattar

    No prblm I will come to ur area.. hehe

  • Parveer Hunjan

    it will not work in Hasavi area cause of network error ..! :P

  • Manpreet Singh Pattar

    Parveer Hunjan pls order 2 pizzas ;)

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  • Gourav Mundhra

    Its in Australia… will come here after a decade… :(

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