Forget 6GB RAM This LeEco Le Max 2 has 8GB RAM

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Forget 6GB RAM This LeEco Le Max 2 has 8GB RAM

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LeEco is not satisfied with providing 6 GB RAM and the company is working towards a phone with 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The Next flagship from the company is in works and will ship with latest Snapdragon 821 chipset.

le max 2 8 gb

Seen here in three colours, the phone will be a beefier variant of the Le Max 2 and will also sport a few new key features. The phone is also reportedly going to have a 25 MP camera at a price of 3000 Yuan which is roughly Rs. 30500.

LeEco will launch this phone by August and bring it to India for around the same price bracket, giving users the option of a pro variant Le Max 2.

The spec wars are back, and this time around RAM seems to be the main target. With a lot of manufacturers already on ship with 6 GB of RAM. The Note 7 is also expected to sport 8 GB RAM.


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  • AkshanshVerma

    is there any exact launching date of ZTE nubia z11 in india .. ??

  • Woodnote (hulone_)

    Are people ready for 8GB RAM? I doubt.. Give us quality user experience then these numbers.

  • Himayel M Kidwai

    It is not a good buy with a poor battery i do nt suggest u to buy Oneplus 3

  • Christian

    1 m wating for 100gb …….

  • Vimal SB

    Ram is just a joke now

  • Ismail Khan

    How much this is

  • Muhammad Faheem

    Sab C bana rahe hai..

  • Zeeshan Khan

    so jao bhai sehri kar rhe kya.. :p

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Lol, my redmi 1s has 8GB of internal . U0001f62dU0001f62d

  • Dilwinder Singh Dhaler

    Forget 8 gb… when it has EUI, its a waste… stock android + cyanogen rocks

  • Aarbaz Alam

    First of all even with 8GB ram this phone is going to suffer due to its UI optimisation and 25mp cam wont be in the list of best camera smartphones

  • Nikhil Ghai

    BC yeh ho kya raha hai?

  • Zeeshan Khan

    i got confused between internal memory and RAM.. U0001f602U0001f602Rishabh Sharma

  • Munagala Snehit

    Consider opening decent heavy apps…not very light apps..and Oneplus2 has decent optimization..

  • Abhishek Bhatnagar

    8 gigs of ram with very low cache. I repeat, 8 gigs of ram with very low cache. This would be equivalent to memory management of 1 gig ram of Apple

  • Prem Aviral

    The problem is its big size. 5.2 is best size, but they go yo 5.7 to 6 inch…that is almost a tab sized.

  • Pulkit Moar

    You will behaving 6 gb of free memory free all the time…. Better to use tht memory somewhere else to increase productivity not spec sheet

  • Koushik Raghu

    I open close to 20 apps in oneplus 2 and nothing reloads..

  • Kester Sujay

    My vote is for one plus 3

  • David Singson

    Some idiots will probably buy it and brag about the “WOW 8GB RAM YE DEKH BHAI”.

  • Vikram Chauhan

    Mazaq chal rha hai yahan .U0001f610

  • Priyadarshan Pandey

    hehehe le rha hai kya ab? :p

  • Ashish Mahaur

    i will return the extra 2gb if i buy oneplus 3 ever i swear :P

  • Priyadarshan Pandey

    yeah coz 6GB is so useful

  • Munagala Snehit

    Open 10 apps continuesly and see at least one of them reloads when you minimize and open all those…this is for sure, try the same thing on iPhone 6S….it will not reload even a single app…which has 2GB of ram…so, it is you optimize the ram…

  • Utsav Martolia

    Iphone 7 ki to faad dega yeahU0001f603U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Omkar Nagvekar

    It’s just for attracting ppl,

  • Omkar Nagvekar

    Good news for chrome and Facebook then, each 2 Gb

  • Gurnoor Mann

    Phones getting bigger performance wise .the developers will make better looking games with better hardware .

  • Pradeep Khare

    Bhaio server bna lo mobile ko bc mazak bna rkha hai

  • Hussain Lakhankawala

    Har mahine 1gb Ram Badhado or lo aa gaya naya 1 model… Lol..

  • Mohammed Waseem

    Attractive Price Tag : ? 21.850 really

  • Abhishek Kumar

    omg! Utsav Martolia… should see this one…….8 gb ram :p :p

  • Shashank Jindal

    The Ram war


    Instead of increasing RAM they should work on RAM management!

  • Aakash Singh

    but surely no exclusive games like ps4 and x1 :P :D

  • Parth Garg

    But I am using my OP3 with Bluetooth controller and screen cast to my 42″ LED
    Its my very own console U0001f62c

  • Hormuz Adajania

    Mahiyar Adajania :P

  • Zubair Ahmed

    I got the money.. But no permission… Sad life XD

  • Rohan Rajput

    One plus 3 U0001f497

  • Aakash Singh

    this new oems are destroying the mobile. mobile doesn’t need the freaking 8gb ram even most of the PC’S in INDIA is running on 2 to 4 gb of ram they don’t need this much ram for office work they why do these phones do ….!!!1

  • Ravi Dupare

    forget computer and those fast notebooks :p

  • Zubair Ahmed

    Rohan Rajput dekho dekho hutiyapa

  • Subhadeep Sen

    i dont have 8 gb ram in my pc :

  • Abbas Vana

    Kya karu 8GB ram ka!! Achar dalu?

  • Dinesh Khand

    But still slower than iOS which has 2Gb ram

  • Ashish Mahaur

    Priyadarshan Pandey useless mother of god

  • Sid SuRaj

    my laptop has 8 gb ram !!

  • Rohan Khurana

    No use , Android can’t use that much RAM efficiently , and who cares about free RAM , it’s all bout the optimization..

  • Sandeep Garg

    There current Le Max 2 do not have good memory management as per reviews.

  • Kunal Rathod

    Can we also get a high end graphic card to work on 3D max….. hahahahahaa

  • Adarsh Pal Singh

    Happy with 2GB Ram :P

  • Kedar Patil

    Means nothing if the OS is not optimized properly for memory management !

  • Prakhar Sharma

    these smartphone are simply putting my computer to shame