Nokia’s Android Phones Leak : 2K Display with Snapdragon 820

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Nokia’s Android Phones Leak : 2K Display with Snapdragon 820

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Nokia may finally be coming back, this time with a vengeance. The two phones leaked of the Finnish Manufacturer making a mega comeback, include a smaller 5.2-inch display model and a larger 5.5-inch model.


Both have a 2K display and will come with the Z-Launcher System UI based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat (Android N). Specs wise the two phones will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset an IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof protected all metal body, so goodbye polycarbonate. The Previous leak of Nokia seems to fall into place here.

Nokia Prototype feature phone Back

The bigger sibling of the two is reportedly sporting a 22 MP camera and will launch at a price of US $ 500  ( Rs. 34000) . The company will launch the phones at the end of the year post the official Android Nougat reveal in two months.

By that time smartphones will be working on the next Qualcomm Snapdragon 823/821. In effect Nokia will be late as usual to the party, however this time with a more meaningful product.


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  • Krishnamurthy

    Come fast to market to record breaking all news

  • Raf Islam

    Too late. Nokia is history

  • Sachin Balan

    Now that’s a comeback.

  • Sidak Singh

    Jashandeep Singh Kaleka jinx

  • pogoshank

    Stop misleading people iGyaan thats a basic phone with qwerty keypad

  • Mohit Singh

    Aditya Prakash ye wala le hai :p

  • hasasimo

    Oh good God this photo better be fake. I was so looking forward to these new Nokias but this design would simply be a disaster.

  • Suresh Gada

    If it will be just next Sultan story..!!

  • Sajal Khanna

    Suyash Khanna….purani khabr i knw

  • Sanjay Sable

    Agadi barobar, they should have started like coolpad or xiaomi.

  • Ron Wadhwa

    Na bete ab to ararararara hoga. Get it? U0001f606

  • Aakash Sonawane

    There’s is bug(lots) in it’s
    Si that’s why it’s death

  • Gurvinder Singh

    im wating for nokia phones

  • Maghaz Khan

    My uncle gifted me Nokia lumia 928 which was my first time using windows .And it was the best phone I have ever got

  • Mohammad Shahbaz

    Wow Looks Better Than An Iphone,Just Love It,Wow Wow Wow U0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Kiran Teja

    Mkc ! :’)

  • Kiran Teja

    It’s gonna tear the motos and mis and le mes apart.

  • ?????? ???

    Actually for a big company, launching flagship is better. (See OnePlus) or one can die Yu’s death U0001f602

  • Chinmay Rout

    Teja lagta hai something is gonna happen..

  • Arpit Singh

    Still my nokia 1108 is alive, Nokia is best

  • Amit Ank

    Kab aye ga Nokia android phone or price kya he

  • Arpit Singh

    But in UP and Rajasthan every one has atleast one Samsung smartphone

  • Fazil Muhammed

    Pls be real! U0001f60d

  • Harsh Patel


  • Lazy Nitish

    The market ofSamsung is down in Westbengal

  • Nikhil Ghai

    Ron this has your name written all over.

  • Elstin

    Who cares about Apple :v This is 2016 :v

  • Alexandra Larosa

    Price kia he

  • Ali Ahmed

    And OP did the same and bought OPO and that was a success…Be Optimistic..

  • Jitendra Chauhan

    My Wetting Nokia

  • Khaqan Saleem

    filhal isy diar hy, samsung k agay

  • AbdSalamOni

    Nokia should show their strength and depth making under20k “value for money” devices

  • Subhadeep Sen

    the best question ever

  • Minhas Asif

    To or kia nokia ki btry timings level ki hn

  • Shivam Malhotra

    That’s just basics

  • Deepankar Chakraborty

    If its real then its a game changer

  • Pranesh Rao

    I need it to have raw Android ….and price should range between 15 to 20 thousand rs….if it’s 34000 that’s too much and Nokia launcher is OK ….Nokia should concentrate on volume ….not profit….to make a good come back….mi and lenovo are all doing it….so please Nokia make it affordable….or its gonna be another 7600 story

  • Rajan Singh

    I don’t think it will come before 2 years…so stop dreaming!!! :)

  • Shaheryar Asif

    Kab ara hay..??

  • Ali Rizwan

    Haha nokia hy bc tera chitu huawie nhe hy…nokia is the father of batry

  • Shaheryar Asif

    Batry will suck on 2k display

  • Tharai Sivakumar

    May be costly near Apple,samsung

  • Minhas Asif

    2k dsply :o level ka hoga

  • Souvik Mukherjee

    Launch kab hoga???

  • Sanju

    Hoping well for Nokia….

  • ???? ??????

    Soon they might challenge iPhone

  • Bharat Walia

    I hope nokia makes a comeback the specs look great

  • Gurnoor Mann

    Nokia hardware is good provided they make it powerful .

  • Rekha Kalyan

    Waiting to buy it U0001f60d I miss Nokia U0001f618

  • Aakash Sonawane

    Nokia chutya ban gaya hai
    Bc itna bhi nahi samjat kay abhi company ke developer ko ki start from bottom to top end device
    But nahi we r launching directly flagship device

  • Akhil VK

    Onnu poda ethoke enna arijatha

  • Adarsh Pal Singh

    This could be the next Flagship killer if they launch it at the right price! They can’t afford to make it expensive……….no one will buy it!

  • Ravi Shah

    Hey Bharat where is giveaway results

  • Parth Garg

    I hope they will prefer going Stock Android this time.

  • Jeetendra Mehra

    Ankur Verma – check this out birather…

  • Kranav Kapur

    Angna Dewan buy thus

  • Vai Negi

    Yes bro it’s android

  • S Ragavendran Sukumar

    i am awaiting

  • Habel Jacob

    Z launcher is boring!

  • BigMac MangOca

    If your not cheaper than iOS and Android then you might close again

  • Thomas Sumanth

    since its not under microsoft now …… i guess it will ;)

  • Ramchandra Jambure

    Waiting and mad about N

  • Subash Nandamuri

    Finger print scanner?

  • Riazul Islam Rahil

    who cares anymore? this is not 2010. the competition is way beyond samsung or apple

  • Nitin Chhetri

    Moving to ANDROID, something Nokia should have done about 8 years ago which would have prevented it from getting wiped off from the mobile phone market completely.

  • Mohammed Akbar Pasha

    Lol idk that U0001f602

  • Subhajit Roy

    Nailed it :v

  • Anoop VA

    Looks ugly U0001f602

  • Jayaprasanth Ragothman

    The Fight back !!

  • Amir Shaikh

    Lol 2k=qhd U0001f602

  • Rajdeep Singh Bhatia

    Will it come with the Play Store

  • Ali Rizwan

    Khaqan Saleem Arslan Saleem Shaheryar Asif Minhas Asif the giant is back..

  • Mohammed Akbar Pasha

    Is 2k display worth it ? Is it better than amoled and qhd display ?

  • Xtylish Umair

    (^^^) YOU N3V3R KNOW MY L3V3L |

  • Xonu

    ? ??? Ú? ???? ?Ú????? ?? ^_^ ^_^ ???? ?
    ? ???? ? ???? ||?|| B????s? L???? ||?|| ?????