Moto G5 Plus to Launch in India in March 2017, Priced Rs. 14,999

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Moto G5 Plus to Launch in India in March 2017, Priced Rs. 14,999

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Moto’s next G series phone the Moto G5 Plus is headed to the Indian market early 2017. The Moto G4 was an extremely successful smartphone for the company and with the Moto G5 Plus, Lenovo owned Moto may be changing the design a little bit. Some leaks have already shown of renders of the phone and what appear to be leaked pictures.

However, some exclusive information gathered by iGyaan reveals that the Moto G5 is expected to show up with a Moto M style construction where the use of metals may be liberal. The Moto G5 Plus will sport a 1920 x 1080 p display with a 5.5 inch screen size. Running on a Snapdragon chipset the Moto G5 Plus will also come with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB / 64 GB storage options.

Moto will not be skimming on sensors as a new design fingerprint scanner will appear on the front of the Moto G5 Plus along with gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and NFC capabilities. The Moto G5 Plus will also sport impressive battery life and turbo charging for a battery which will be 3000 mAh +.

The Moto G5 Plus will also sport a 12 MP main and an 8 MP front camera, both capable of 1080p video while the rear camera will offer manual shooting modes and slo-mo video capabilities. Moto will launch the Moto G5 Plus with Android 7 Nougat out of the box and will be updated to Android 7.1.1 soon after.

The Moto G5 Plus will launch at Rs. 14,999 and will be available in several variants, namely the Moto G5 plus, Moto G5 and Moto G5 Play , which will be launched in subsequent months with basic changes to specs. The Moto G5 Plus is expected to launch with two confirmed colour options of silver and gold along with a possible matte black variant.

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  • Supreeth Sharma

    Hope it will come with Snapdragon chip inside

  • Vidhya Sriram

    One I lack, clearly.

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    Directly from 4.4 to 6.0 ah?

  • Muthu Kumaran Ramamurthi

    Nah my sis got 6.0 on KitKat version

  • Ranju Ghosh

    I want full specification

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    Only one android u will get

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    But my g2 got only 6.0 because I already 5.0 inbuilt in my g2

  • Vishrut Chhajer

    Vidhya Sriram patience is a virtue

  • Muthu Kumaran Ramamurthi

    So yeah g4 will get 8.0

  • Muthu Kumaran Ramamurthi

    Yeah g series always gets 2 Android updates , even g2 which was in KitKat got lollipop and marshmallow

  • Prateek Jain

    Can moto mods be fitted on this phn

  • Amar Bidari

    Sanjeev Parab go for this

  • Anuj Chaturvedi

    Ab yhi kharidunga

  • Saurav Kar

    Nokia is coming.. So get ready for a slow death.

  • Mukesh Kumar

    Again 3000 mah atleast 3500 should had been

  • Tanuj Chaturvedi

    Anuj Chaturvedi Buy this one!

  • Deepak Kumar Ahirwar

    I totally doubt it. Camera is exposed directly to the surface. Gorilla glass 3 can also get scratches. And that is happening in all 4th gen. G play, g4 plus and g4. We have to use case to avoid it.

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    S in a statement while launching moto g4 plus they said

  • Gaurav Singh

    Moto G4 Play has Gorilla Glass 3 on camera.

  • Prashant Kaushik

    Anushree Maheshwari thinking of changing ur fone??

  • Mustaqeem Shaikh

    will be interesting at this price.

  • Aashish Arora

    Dhruv Sharma yeh le lio bhai

  • Danish Siddiqui

    Shivangi Gupta time to wait

  • Daksh Salgia

    Avi Kaneriya iske liye ruk jaana

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    Very poor mobile moto g4plus still so many bugs on Android n

  • Raghavendraa Neeluri

    Moto head said that moto g4plus will be also updated to android 8.0

  • Deepak Kumar Ahirwar

    They used very bad quality of camera lense protector in 4th gen mobile. Moto g4 plus is Prone to scratches. Many are facing this problem. My previous 1 year old device moto Turbo is in almost new condition at that part.

  • Mohib Ullah

    Fasi Arain wait for it…

  • Âvî KalŠhaniya

    Waiting for This One

  • Dinesh Panigrahy

    Only 12 mp front?? U0001f612

  • Prashant Rawat

    Still the camera glass is exposed .. wtf is wrong with lenovo … It is a scratch magnet

  • Ragesh G R

    Which processor? “Running on a Snapdragon chipset” lol

  • Sharuk Khan

    Adeeb Farhan look at this bro!U0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Sheldon Rodrigues

    I just brought Moto m yesterday

  • Ronit Ghosh

    How many moto g series phones will Motorola launch in a year? This one looks like an upgraded version of g4 plus lol

  • Kavit Vichhivora

    What might be the çpu ?

  • Amol Sapkal

    Battery capacity is low , at least 4000mah

  • Ibrahim Khatri

    Bhai yeh lelunga March mai

  • Parth Sanghvi

    Sheldon Rodrigues wait for this one

  • Pranjal Saxena

    Kapoor, this could be your upgrade

  • YR_1009

    whuch snapdragon chipset?

  • Rahul Nagpal

    Hitakshi Nagpal for mom

  • Skanda D Meda

    She’s still deciding eh
    She’ll never come to a conclusion as new phone’s are gonna launch weekly now

  • Imran Azad

    Cz mere phone ki EMI bhi to hai :(

  • Imran Azad

    Jode mein kucch discount nai karega U0001f613

  • Rizwan Azad

    Mine too. U0001f60aU0001f60aU0001f60a

  • Imran Azad

    Will be my next target U0001f64aU0001f64a

  • Mayur Sagar

    Vandita Narayan get this

  • Rizwan Azad

    Seems an upgraded version of Moto G4 plus with better SOC since G4 plus was a very competent phone except for the overheating issue.

  • Parminder Cheema

    No more moto, it’s Lenovo.

  • Pamon Ahmed

    Bharat Bhai up ek sath Facebook, Twitter, YouTube kaise chala lete hain??