PUBG Mobile Update To Bring Auto-Rickshaws & Snow

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PUBG Mobile Update To Bring Auto-Rickshaws & Snow

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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game that has taken over the mobile gaming industry by storm. With every update the game gets additional features and it recently received the night mode update. A reddit user u/AtomR reports that the PUBGM 0.11 Chinese Beta update brings multiple new features. The Light-speed adds features like MK47 mutant rifle and Tuk-Tuk rickshaw which are already available on the PC version of the game

New Features

Besides the Tuk-Tuk rickshaw and MK 47 mutant rifle, the reddit user reported multiple other additions in the Chinese Light-speed update.

  • Guns will get a new Laser sight attachment that will ease in pointing a target at the enemy.
  • The Miramar and Erangel areas will get a new weather update which includes rain.
  • The new update does not seem to have any Snow Season Map. However snow can be randomly seen in different areas like the current Autumn area.
  • The molotov cockatil gets new fire animations.
  • New death cam reply feature which enables players to respond to their killer before dying.

The reddit user also shared a link to a YouTube video which he claims to be a trustable source. The video demonstrates almost all the new features from the new update.

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Although the exact date of the update release is not available, we are looking forward to playing the game with these great additions.

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