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Samsung Galaxy Y Full Review

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Times have changed over the years, but never did we see the smartphones reach the consumer market with such a blow that feature phones would almost disappear. 

The new Samsung Galaxy Y offers a complete package for a fairly low budget, But is it actually a full smartphone ?

Lets find out in this iGyaan review :

Build Quality and Hardware

The Galaxy Y is well built to an extent where you wont be disappointed by any thing in terms of the exterior of the device. The screen is not tough so a screen protector is essential for the device. Every-thing else is built to last and will not need any extra care, solid built, tactile buttons and no rattle or noise from the body of the device.

In terms of the Hardware Specs:

Price Rs. 7,830 (MRP)
Network Edge + HSDPA upto 7.2 Mbps
Phone Style

Touchscreen Capacitive

OS Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Thickness 11.5mm
Length 104mm
Width  58 mm
Weight 97.5 g
Built-in Memory 160 MB Rom Ram Unknown
Additional Memory microSD, up to 32GB
High-speed Data 3G
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wifi , 
Screen Size

3-inch, 240×320 pixels

Secondary Screen Size N/A
Screen Colours 256k
Camera 2-megapixel ff
Camera Resolution 1600×1200 pixels
Flash NO
GPS  Yes
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Music Formats MP3
Radio Yes
Speaker Yes
Processor 832 Mhz Processor
Browser Android Browser, Full Flash Enabled
Games Android MarketPlace Games
Battery 1200mAh


Screen and Multimedia

The screen on the device is a 3 inch 320×240 px capacitive display, its a relatively low res display, but its leaps and bounds better than the one found on the Pop and Fit. Why ? You ask. There is a massive difference in the pixellation levels of the Galaxy Y and the POP, on the Pop you aslo only get Android 2.2, this device comes preloaded with 2.3.5 and a display that does not bother you at all with reading webpages etc.

The screen is decent for movie playback and the speakerphone is loud enough to get the message across. This device will feature as a portable media player for many a youth, but don’t expect it to replace a TV or even an iPod. Audio quality is good but is only limited with the hardware chip used. The maximum throughput of sound is limited hence will not deliver performance compared to even the Wildfire S. The Audio is not really an issue because an everyday user will not notice it, as the device produces a loud sound with or without the earphones, whcih is mostly enough for a consumer.

Phone, Network and Messaging

The device is an excellent phone, with robust network connectivity and a solid signal strength. We noticed no dropped calls in the extensive network tests conducted. Audio (incoming and outgoing) on both channels was crisp and loud, with no feedback issues. The “Y” gets a great rating because it does a good job of what its basic purpose is: to make and receive calls. 

Messaging on the device is also easy and is demonstrated in our video review. Typing is simple thanks to an error correction algorithm by Samsung, which utilizes a most common error path and auto corrects the text errors. Pretty fancy for a sub 7k phone. You also get SWYPE inbuilt on the keyboard making it very useful indeed.

Data, Internet and Battery

By now we have learnt that Android devices are no too data friendly. Turning data on and off when required will boost your battery life enormously. That being said this device also features 3G data connectivity and HSDPA upto 7.25 Mbps. The connections are stable and not too power consuming, the Wifi Hotspot feature works great and does not suck the life forces from your device, like it used to on previous devices.

Internet connectivity is stable on both Wifi and 3G and the browser loads all sorts of Flash content, with a bit of hiccups. Browser is easily readable and on a screen this size you cant expect much more. The basics can be accessed from this browser, but its not a replacement for your computer.

Battery Life 

Companies talk about battery life in their own mood, we do some extensive real life tests to get out the best from the device.

  • Talk Time 2G  : 6 Hours
  • Talk Time 3G  : 4.5 Hours
  • Standby Time : 36-72 Hours
  • WiFi Surfing : 4-5 Hours
  • 3G Surfing : 3.5 Hours
  • Music : 7 Hours
  • Video : 2 Hours


The Galaxy Y is now available for a price of 6800 INR on most online portals, possibly at a cheaper price at local vendors. At that price to get a 800+ MHz processor with native Android 2.3.5 capacitive touchscreen Wifi , 3G and Hotspot, we have no complaints from this device. Why should we? This is a complete device and offers anything you would need as a first time Android user on a budget, and also basics for somebody looking for a secondary device. It looks great, is manufactured by a trusted brand and has great service and support for a budget.
We say get it!

We Rate the GALAXY Y : 4 on 5

Unboxing Video

Review Video 

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Bharat Nagpal

Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+

  • yuseifan

    Can this phone use Whatsapp?

  • Ialfitri

    my samsung galaxy young disabble to call

  • Msantosh_kumar

    Which mobile is better
    1. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
    2. Micromax A75
    3. Micromax A73

    • Adic5130

      i will suggest Galaxy Y Duos because i have it

      • Arpit Singhi

        Hi Adic. Can you share with me about galaxy y duos?

        1. Does it support flash?
        2. Can you change the resolution via rooting?
        3. How is the overall performance of the handset?

        • Adic5130

          this is the best affordable phone in this price group

        • Adic5130

          if u have more budget then you should go with galaxy ace series

  •  will galaxy y can be upgradable to android 4.0..????.

    • Kapilrawal

      samsung phones cannot be upgraded 

    • Arpit Singhi

      No it will not be upgradable

  • iAm interested in galaxy y…. Since it has many disadvantage still am loving it…. What about gaming experience and internet in galaxy y…???

    Should i go for it…???

    My mail id is…. pls suggest me….

  • Vishal

    Dear Bharat,
    Please suggest me weather i should buy Galaxy y or galaxy fit?

  • Milind MOre

    you said the phone is flash compatible can you explain but mine Galaxy Y doesn’t support flash can you explain ?

  • Arsam

    its an awxm poneee….lv it…

  • Pheonix

    Thank you for reviewing galaxy y, now i’m gonna buy this for my first android phone

    • Anujbhukesh

      plz tell me how to sign out form g mail app

  • Anujbhukesh

    Hi frnds plz tell me how sign out form g mail….. I can,t see the option of sign out   

  • Jullferimran

    hearing volume is very low how to increse the volume will u pls demo

  • Jullferimran

    how should we want to use volum

  • Abhinav Kartheek

    It can’t support adobe flash player…

  • Milind More

    Respected Sir 
    The Galaxy Y is incompaitable with adobe flash player 11 please guide me on this

  • Jdk

    how’s the audio quality ..does it have 5.1 surround sound feature??

    • yes it does, and the next android update (android 5) will upgrade the audio to 7.1 for this phone.

      • will galaxy y can be upgradable to android 4.0..????

  • Abijaris

    awsomee,,,review of samsung galaxy y,,,hatts offf

  • Ashish

    can i watch online videos on samsung galaxy y.plz reply……….

    • Nitin

      yes u can watch it

  • b@

    which is better Galaxy Y or Galaxy Fit

    • Aditya

      y is Better

  • Keith Watson

    Here in the UK, Vodafone are swapping their defunct non-Android Samsung 360 M1 phones for this model. I was a bit hesitant until reading this article and watching the YouTube video review. Looks like a good deal to me.

    Great site by the way, will be following you on Google+ :o)

  • Djay_121

    hey its not Flash Enabled….y ur saying its flash enabled…its nt playing flash content

    • Sachgk 10

      its not having flash, u just download it in android  Market

    • Nitin

      you are right bro
      i m facing this problem with this device

  • Mohammad Arafat

    Quick question :  
    Does viber works on this phone ? i know skype do but what about viber

  • Chetan Kumar007

    tell me???
     which PHONE  is good , “samsung galaxy Y or galaxy ACE”As Y  832 Mhz pro and ACE has 800 Mhz proY has better OS than ACE, And Now today Y costing around 6990 and ACE cost 13200. it really a big different in term of money, OS and PRO.SO, tell me still it be good choice to buy ACE which cost more than Y. or there will be more choices available in the the market for this range of prize..
    please suggest me what to to?? 


    • Chetan Kumar007

      please reply …

      • rockmania.rahul

        if u want to buy a well built, big smartphone , you should go with ace because of its big size but in other care galaxy y is much better!!

    • GALAXY Y

    • Adic5130

       samsung galaxy ace

  • RashmiRanjan

    sir plz review huawei sonic as it launched 2-3 days before in India.

  • Golbyduckling09

    Can anybody help me with this? In the samsung keyboard part , whenever i click the voice icon , a error message – ‘ connection problem’  is shown. This problem however does not appear in above unboxing video. Any suggestions?

    • Manish

      you need to have either wifi or 3g swithed on in order to get it working

  • Sachgk

    My Phone is not connecting to Kies, please assist me..

  • Pushkarmandale

    My samsung Galaxy Y shows Firmware Update Avialable but when it downloads and reboots it stops @ 22% and on starting shows update failed…..But Kies doesnt show any update

    • Santosh6486

      It happens same me too.

  • Rb7817

    Which 1 should be preferd Galaxy Y or Galaxy Fit. Only a 2k diff but i get a 5Mp cam in Fit….??

  • Praveen Gusain

    Hi Every one,
    Does Galaxy Y supports gtalk voice calling free with the help of Nimbuzz application.. Please reply..

  • Priyank

    can i update my andriod version to  icecream sandwich (ICS) in the galaxy y ??

    • Srishiv91

      not possible

      • Priyank


        • Abhinavkartheek

          Its cannot be updated to that version  …

        • Vishal

          due to hardware limitations…

  • Danish Salahuddin

    can we install Skype on the phone and able call from skype like nokia e70 ,c500 ,or other phone reply me soon on mail

  • Ashish S

    I winder why Samsung always compromises on display resolution when it comes to low budget android. They can at least have a HVGA display

  • Guest

    I am confused between galaxy pop and galaxy Y. Please suggest which one is better.

    • Vijay

      Galaxy Y is better than pop  coz it has all features including high processor and capacitive touch screen & it has also good internet browser in very low price …

      • Yakshitanand

        whose touch is better pop or y?????

    • Ash Bhidkar

       Galaxy y is much better than galaxy pop

  • Daemon

    dell xcd3 is better becz it has more RAM,if you are an gamer you should be aware how ram is important

  • Swapnil Kumar

    cant help but notice reviews hand hair is trimmed ….. is he so embarrassed?  :p 

  • Rahulpv102

    @ee03a14d009b40d74355aecfc6fbd1eb:disqus  and @Gopikrishna:disqus This fone is better than Dell XCD35 and Micromax A70 hands down…you wont get a better fone at this price!!! go for it blindly!!!
    @google-c61ef82c41486684b53fe3ff1e27b661:disqus try loading flash content after downloading adobe flash player !!!best of luck!!!

  • Rahulpv102

    I own dis fone and unlike d video review games like Ninjump,Yoo Ninja,Fruit Ninja,Air Control,Drag Racing,Angry Birds,Glow Hockey Pro,Doodle Jump , work well…
    As for Asphalt ,the market itself says this fonr is incompatible for running this game…
    And installing juice defender pro does improve battery life singnificantly

  • Miteshdave

    video calling on samsung galaxy Y… possible or not…????

    • Abc

      No front facing camera, dude…
      if u want video call, the other person might be able to see you, because of the back cam, but then, i does not serve the purpose of being face to face

  • Sam SMR

    my Samsung Galaxy Y which I brought 2 days back doesn’t show flash content on websites, can anybody help me how to fix this.. i tested both on default android browser and dolphin browser

  • Ashish6190


  • Ashish6190


  • Balhar

    Nice video. The presentation was awesome.

  • guest

    are the touch sensitive buttons backlit like samsung ace? i just got a brand new galaxy y but the buttons are not backlit…is this a defect?

    • Rishi Arora

      no they arent backlit

    • Ashish6190

      its a feather touch button….it is lit u wont feel d button while pressing it

  • Relp123

    Hi really nice reviews , i really appreciate you efforts.
    I wanted to know about the GPS in this phone is it like nokia 5800 along with voice and direction guidance?

    • Rishi Arora

      It has Google Maps, Directions and Navigation

      But I guess Google Navigation isn’t available in many cities for now.

  • Ashish6190

    Which phone should i buy MICROMAX ANDRO A70 or SAMSUNG GALAXY Y(YOUNG)

    • Gopikrishna

      While looking to the Video Calling and so A70 Is best and the camera too is better but on the processor phase  Galaxy Y is the stand outer so on OS and so Galaxy Y is better…

      • Ashish6190

        thx buddy

  • Digibee

    Planning to get Galaxy Y and also use GPS for navigation in car. Would it manageable or screen would be too small for this purpose?  Please advise.

  • Amankhanna16

    Everything in this phone is great according to the price. The only problem I am facing since day one is that the phone gets heated up in less than 10 minutes. Is this normal?

    • Rishi Arora

      Mine doesn’t, so I guess not normal(although usual in androids)
      A. Long press Home button>Tap “Task Manager”>Goto “Ram” Tab>Tap Clear MemoryThat will end some background tasks.B. Lower the Sync interval.
      if nothing works, use logcat to check what is causing it.

      • Amankhanna16

         Thanks for replying. Well the thing is as long as I am not using internet, the phone doesn’t gets heat up but as soon as I start using the net it again heats.

    • Rahulpv102

      no it isnt try installing juice defender pro and advanced task killer pro ..
      search on google for both of them as a .apk file

      • Amankhanna16

        Thanks for replying. Well the thing is as long as I am not using
        internet, the phone doesn’t gets heat up but as soon as I start using
        the net it again heats. 

  • Kiran

    as u say in the galaxy Y review video that it has full flash support
    does it really have flash 10.x flash support like xperia mini or galaxy s like
     another thing is that the due to low resolution of this phone will many good apps and games are available to download or not ?
    pls answer

  • sai sumanth sathu

    is there a problem regarding the resolution and the android apps support ?
    i mean will the apps other than games wrk well on the phone .. prognosis in particular

  • Vijay

    Do Samsung designers deliberately delete a 2$ LED light from these fones, just to field a unfinished agenda ?

    • Rishi Arora

      An LED hardly makes a difference in photographs(Flash does)

  • Mrt

    Please review Spice Mi-350

    • Rahulpv102

      Avoid spice please my dad uses one and the voice clarity is horrible… cant help it if u have already bought it