Samsung Announces An Ultra Slim Camera Module That Supports 5X Optical Zoom

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Samsung Announces An Ultra Slim Camera Module That Supports 5X Optical Zoom

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Over the last few years, the camera performance on smartphones has drastically improved. In the month of March, Huawei launched the P30 Pro which features a remarkable camera sensor that supports 5x optical zoom. Soon after Huawei, Oppo also launched the flagship grade Reno 10x smartphone that offers similar zoom capabilities. Samsung, a market leader in the field of smartphone technology has freshly launched an identical ultra-slim camera module which supports 5x zoom. Samsung 5x Zoom Sensor

The newly announced camera module from Samsung has a tiny footprint and it is only 5 mm thick. This is a praiseworthy achievement as it allows OEMs to incorporate a high capable zoom sensor into a pocketable smartphone whilst still maintaining a thin form factor. 

Samsung 5x zoom sensor samplesThe camera sample shared by Samsung is the appropriate demonstration of what kind of output can be achieved with the newly announced sensor. The sample shots illustrate the zoomed out and zoomed in picture of the same subject. It can be drawn that even after zooming 5x the subject has retained most of the colours and details.

Huawei P30 Pro With 5x Optical Zoom

Talking about the functionality of the sensor from Samsung, it has a periscope structure that has prism shaped lenses aligned in a right angle arrangement. The two prism shaped sensor can be moved closer or farther to each other which provides zoom in or zoom out functionality to the device that incorporate it. 

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In addition to incorporating the new sensor in its own smartphones, Samsung will also offer it to third party OEMs which already includes Oppo. 


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