Exclusive : Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch in India set at May 10, Price Rs. 44,999/-

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Exclusive : Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch in India set at May 10, Price Rs. 44,999/-

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Just like last year, our Samsung insider has told us that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 10 for India available either the same day or soon after via the online Samsung Store. The company has decided to keep the price of their newest flagship at Rs. 44999/- for the 16GB variant.

Here is the best part of the news, the Samsung Galaxy S4 set for India is the Exynos based Octa-core variant and not the quad-core as most were expecting. Although Samsung might change over to a quad core variant if the sales are slow as they were for the S2 in India and the company then launched a cheaper Single core alternate chipset variant adding a G at the end of the model number. 

Samsung has taken a similar strategy with the Samsung Galaxy S4 ( or plans to) with the company expecting good sales numbers based on the hype created by the launch. Post that they plan to shift to a quad core variant similar to the one in the US.


Apart from the chipset the Samsung Galaxy S4 also has a 5 inch 1920x1080p Super-Amoled display, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage for the Indian variant, along with a 13 MP camera at the rear capable of full hd 1080p video at 30fps.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also has Android 4.2.2 along with the latest TouchWiz UI .

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  • XxDheexX

    guys I think you should stop complaining, in England its £630! Which is about 51000 Rupees. You have the better price!

    • XxDheexX

      I am going to buy this phone or the HTC One (64GB) when it comes out here but yea you have the better deal unlike the google nexus 7 :P

  • EvilCraze

    44k For s4 , You Get Same Specs In Xperia z For 10k Less . Major Difference Is Dragon Tail Glass On Z Rather Than Gorilla Glass On s4 . Samsung Priced This Phone Pretty High , Lets See What HTC One Brings To The Market

  • ManojJain

    Guys, Samsung just wants to impoverish us by fixing such a high price of S4. it’s not worth buying, we should be united and should not give a good response to the company, Definitely prices will come down, don’t buy till prices reach below 30K. In USA it is approx. for Rs. 31000 and in India Rs 45000. Why is this?

    • harneev

      ManojJain You mush have raised voice against Apple iphone too ???

      • SirajSam

        harneev ManojJain i agree i phone 5 cost only 10000 in us and 44 k in India

  • Siya Kumar

    whats the price of samsung galaxy grand outside india

  • VimalSingh

    Such a nice phone. Samsung launched the latest model of its gang of Galaxy S-Phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4, at a global level at the Unpacked Events 2013 in Manhattan’s celebrated Radio City Music Hall on Thursday evening.

  • SamUng

    hello Garu, And also give the price details of note8

  • SirajSam

    is it true only 45 for such a gr8 peace of engineering

    • SirajSam It might be less , since some experts are claiming it to be Rs. 43,500. And yeah it is truly a masterpiece.  By the way, mind reviewing my article on Galaxy S4 @

  • Shobith

    The S3 came out for 40k but it’s now on 30k after a year. I’m sure the prices will come down soon and this phone is not getting outdated anytime soon.

  • Dilip Roy

    toooooooooooo high price,not worthy

  • AritraSarkar

    45k? then how much for note3? 60k?

    • Shobith

      AritraSarkar Nope! Apple beat Samsung to that! iPhone 5 64Gb was launched for 65K! ;)

  • Ashish Punjabi

    go blindly with HTC ONE. its 40000 and 32gb/64gb but yet not launch andmarch ending will be lauch.

    • Shobith

      @Ashish Punjabi It can’t be 40K. Even HTC Butterfly is 46K!

      • harneev

        Shobith Yes even it makes no sense going with HTC Sense …. its way long to improvement compared to Samsung TouchWiz …

    • SirajSam

      @Ashish Punjabi its not gr8 thn s4 dear

  • Amrit Singh

    This ugly plastic for 44k…no way…htc and sony all the way..

    • SirajSam

      @Amrit Singh agree not sony or htc can’t given the festers offered in s4

  • Arran Gates

    No one will buy in india on that price, Xperia z has almost same spec but price is much less.

    • AyushSachdeva

      @Arran Gates even lesser at indiatimes using coupons

    • SirajSam

      @Arran Gates who say the spec is same

    • XxDheexX

      @Arran Gates but not as good….

  • Rohit Kumar Gulshan

    Plastic flagship!

  • Vinay Kumar P M

    Sony Xperia Z is better compared to Galaxy S4 considering the price.

    • SirajSam

      @Vinay Kumar P M dear the display will get scratches easily go and check the scratch test review of z

      • SirajSam Scratches u saw on Mobile was actually on Pre Installed Scratch Gaurd and they give one more extra with Xperia Z :)
        Watch Video Again

        • SirajSam

          xlr27SirajSam watch this video

  • Sam Shah

    full worthy

  • HaneyNitu Gauli

    Oh! very good mobile but price is very high.

  • techguy

    the SGS II ‘G’ model is dual core!

  • Ivan Fernandes

    hope the price of s2 and s3 drop after the s4 release

  • anshulrajput92

    The G Variant of the Galaxy S2 was not a single core phone, it was a dual core phone but it wad just that the processor and the gpu was not as powerful as the original i9100. Get your facts right

    • AlokEkka

      anshulrajput92 The gpu wasn’t that bad compared to mali, but yes the battery life is definitely better than the i9100 and it had no heating issues. Infact the cyanogenmod team started out rolling the updates of the i9100g earlier than i9100 because the galaxy nexus then had the similar but better TI OMAP 4460 and the i9100g has the TI OMAP 4430, so rolling out updates to i9100g is faster. I have that phone and i am running android 4.2.2 and it is just awesome. I am actually glad i didn’t get the i9100 model because i am not a gamer.

  • AlokEkka

    Guys you really need to check in what you are saying, Samsung lauched another variant of the galaxy S2 adding a ‘G’ in the end of the model as in GT-i9100G, that is not a single core phone. I happen to own that phone and it is the same cortex A9 1.2 Ghz as the original exynos chipset. Guys you really need to take care of what you are posting.

  • Jaber Khan

    ^^^ This Is INDIA :) 16000 Nexus 4 vl Cost 21,000 in India Bro! :)

  • Ronak Toshniwal

    in india 45K n in us 31845 a big diffrence.. :/

    • SirajSam

      @Ronak Toshniwal its bcoz on Indian government taxes

  • Mustafiz J. Bagewadi

    quite heavy price.. and i hate the look .. but performacne wise ok..

  • Meet Rajput

    ye full hd he

  • Çhårmîñg ?m??ssîv? Crýstälísh Vampìrèx

    kitni gb internal wala?