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Spice MI 310 Review + Pictures : UPDATE Video Now Up

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Spice has launched a new Android Smartphone, the MI-310 running Android 2.2 Froyo to compete in the mid-range mobile market. Read the review for more details.



The MI-310 has a stylish aluminium body which gives easy access to the battery and internally fitted Micro SD card.  The Power/Unlock button on the top of the phone is flush with the bezel which may cause some difficulty while unlocking the device. It has a 320×480 pixel, 3.15 inch capacitive touch screen display which displays vivid images and videos and there are no complaints there. The phone also comes with a stand-alone camera shutter button, volume buttons and a small touch-sensitive trackpad for easier scrolling.

The overall construction of the phone feels quite sturdy and its quite comfortable to hold and use. It has an inbuilt memory of 85 mb with a Micro SD slot expandable to 16Gb, built in GPS with AGPS support, 3G compliance with HSDPA access (7.2 mbps), bluetooth 2.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g, a 2.0 MP camera with digital zoom and video recording and an internal FM radio. As far as sensors go the phone has a built in proximity sensor and accelerometer. While in a call, the proximity sensor sometimes fails and causes your cheeks to start pushing buttons on-screen, which can get quite frustrating. (A factory reset of the device however fixed this problem for us)



The 320x480px screen is quite vivid and does a great job of displaying videos (even in HQ) and photographs. The audio output of the loudspeaker is pretty loud,and is sufficient while on the move. The in-ear headphones that come with the phone are quite comfortable and the sound quality is clear and crisp. The  high notes are quite sharp and the bass is quite deep. The phone doesn’t come with any games, but there’s LOTS of games that can be downloaded from the Android store. The inbuilt Android Music and Video player support many formats and are quite user friendly. The phone also comes with an in-built FM radio which can scan and store pre-set channels  and favourites.

The 2.0 MP camera leave a little to be desired but is quite easy to use with the stand-alone camera shutter button. Video recording is a breeze. The two things that would make the experience better are better focusing and the addition of a camera flash. The phone comes with all the standard camera effects for video recording and image capture. We did notice that Video capability on this camera was much better than still images.



The Spice MI-310 is  a very easy to use phone. It has a very large phonebook, and the ability to sync  your contacts with Gmail, FaceBook etc. The biggest issue we faced with this handset was the microphone. At some point during the review the diaphragm of the mic got stuck and we got REALLY  BAD  voice quality. Now we dont know if this was a problem with the design of the phone or just this particular  piece but this is something to be wary of a little air dusting and light whack to the microphone fixed the problem. There were no signal issues for voice calls but we faced repeated issues with the HSDPA network. Eventually the phone refused to connect to 3G and remained in EDGE mode or WiFi (when we were in range). Switching the mode to WCDMA only via an app from the Android MarketPlace fixed this issue.

When it comes to typing on the on-screen keyboard, its a bit of a hassle in portrait mode (we have big fingers), but works brilliantly in landscape mode. The best thing about messaging is the speech to text function. The bottom strip of menu buttons (standard on most android phones) are a bit too sensitive and may cause unwated tension while typing. The phone has decent battery life, lasting for approximately  3-4 hours talk-time and around 48 – 60 hours standby depending on usage.



The Spice MI-310 is good to look at, lightweight and is feature packed for its price. The display is quite vivid and getting a capacitive touch screen for this price is amazing. The fact that this is an android phone opens up many avenues for customisation through the Google Marketplace. However, there were slight  problems that we faced with the microphone, the proximity sensor and the 3G which after resolution can make this device the only one in this price bracket with the brilliant spec list.


MRP : RS 7999/-

[xrr rating=3.5/5 label=”We Rate it” imageset=shiny_yellow_star display_as=fraction_stars]


Check out the Remaining Images Below, Please Stay Tuned for Full Review Video.



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Anand Kapre
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  • Sahithi

    hii,i have been using my spice mi300 past one yr,its nice but photos n music albums what ever i load are moving to sd card… can anyone tell me the sollution how to change the settings…………..iwant to see them in gallery

  • owais

    can you full review the Spice Mi 350 

  • abhishek ranjan

    can you upload the review of spice mi350

  • Ananddomore

    I have an idea to buy Spice mi-310, is this phone support for downloading from Andriod market?

  • Russell Dias98

    is this worth buying compared to the micromax a70

    • ankit

      not at all……………..

  • Prajvalgujaran

    sir i use spice mi310
    i erased cache and data using fastboot but accidently i erased system also
    after this when i booted my phone, only spice logo appears after that nothing happens.
    so kindly help me out
    i will be very much thank full to uuu
    did i brick my phone???
    please reply as fast as u can

  • Raja_840uk

    how can i get flash player in it please help me

  • Abheybir

    i just downloaded angry birds for my mi 310 but? its giving me
    problem…the game is not running smoothly, can anyone help me with
    that?? the phone has v6 processor and overclocking is not supported on

  • Rajashekar123

    How to save photos on SD card instead of phone memory in Spice MI 310

  •  Lots of problems with this device:
    1) Spice has not released the source code for the kernel for this device. Copyright infringement case.

    2) You can not access all the applications from android market. Problem is in software which spice is using. It does not read the signatures from market and hence the problem. They can release the source code and updates for this mobile to fix the problems, but their custore care are  deaf and dumb. Do not listen and understand.

    3) Poor customer care

    4) Phone gets heated while charging/watching Youtube

    5) Poor customer care again.

    In the nutshell, AVOID this junk phone. . Put some more money and buy some better phone from better company.


    @djkrimp:disqus  please help me out for upgrading the Spice Mi-310 to gingerbread. Like the Mi-410, is there any Gingerbread update from anyone of its(Mi-310)  sisters or brothers in the market. Or by any other way or link by which I can get step by step procedures like rooting or cyanogen mod. “Please”x10000 help me.
    Waiting for reply and thanks in Advamce.

  • Ram

    Thanks Igyan for gr8 review…

    I bought it but still confuse which one is best …

    LG Optimus ME p350 (7999) or Spice mi-310 (7299) ???

  • harshit kumar

    can anyone tell me how to fix this problem and also are u also having the same problem

    my earphones give a very low volumed sound…i have to press in the earphones to play it loud…shud i go to the service centre? plz help!!

    • ankit

      yes they are tooo low but i got exhanged the headphones but no worth headphones are useless so i use corby’s head phone ………

  • Divishdayal

    hey, does skype work on mi 310???

    • ankit

      yes only voice but does not support video at all

  • Avinash Chandra

    can we update to 2.3(ginger…          on this phone

  • Aman45

    Is it possible to change main menu scrolling to side-by-side instead of scrolling down??

    • harshit kumar

      nahhhh!!! :(

    • ankit

      yes using adw launcher

    • Ritesh

      Yes u can do it by using ADW Custom Launcher

  • Abhijeet

    Does its camera support auto focus , I have this phone also on its user manual its written that it supports auto focus but I can’t focus it on anything, please help. Thanks in advance.

  • I have bought the Spice Mi-310 and have been using it for a week now.The hardware capability is excellent for this price range. You simply cannot expect more.However, Android Market does not recognize the handset. Android Market doesnt know that the Spice Mi310 has a camera or a GPS or a Wifi. It simply filters out all applications using this hardware out. I have already approached Spice Product Support, and they simply washed off their hands saying Android Market is Google’s product and Spice doesn’t support it. What a sham?I have tried to bypass the Market problem, but have mixed success with it. You’ll have to do a lot of work to find the apps, and even if you find it, it will not be latest. After you install, you cannot update it to newer versions automatically using Android Market. How good is the hardware, if you cannot get the software to use it.If anybody has found a solution to this problem, I would be keen to get it.

    • Sharonpradeep

       i have a plan to buy it, are yo sure it would not support the android market

      • Yes and no. It supports Android Market. But will show only half the apps. Any app using camera or gps will not be available.

    • lalit

      which android phone filters applictions according to the hardware?
      wat market has to do wid ur camera or gps???

    • Hey Hi Udaya Kumar,
      Dont worry about this issue we are having one solution to solve your issue
      there are one of website who filter the apps for us from android market
      check it out once 
      https:/ will solve your problem………..

    • harshit kumar

      i hve been using this for a month….it actully shows vodafone in unknown spice mi-310

      but it plays most of the apps on my device…..only some wid high cpu requirements doesnt play… earphones r not clear i have to press in the jack to get loud sound…did u have any problem like that

    • Hi Uday, I too faced similar problems Since I bought Mi-310. But, I learnt that the same model is well known by an other name in other parts of the world. This phone is also available in the brand name of “Blueberry” & the model number is “Mi-320” (Not 310). There are few websites which offers all the latest apps for this particular model from blueberry which is nothing but the Mi-310 here from spice. So may be you can try searching for apps with Blueberry Mi-320 as I did. I was successfully able to download & Install Angry birds & a Media player, Bar code reader & few games & live wall paper apps with this technique. but one thing remains a pain with this phone – NO USB Driver!!! Sad! Otherwise, this phone as a performer is just a brilliantly crafted machine! I tried getting the USB driver from blueberry website but it still wont work with my Mi-310 :(

  • Mail2muzammilahmed

    Does Spice mi 310 support Edge ?

    • Tarita Kulkani


    • harshit kumar

      it is supperfastt

  • kamal

    hello bharat….
    can you tell me the shops address in Delhi where spice mi 310 is in 7500….
    i want to buy this phone

    • harshit kumar

      hey go to any spice hotspot

      i got it from karol bagh

  • ankit

    does it support tilt games.

  • Uday

    Thanks Guys. Great review!
    As for the phone, the value for money proposition is excellent.
    No other phones come quite close! Samsung Galaxy Pop, which has comparable hardware cost 1.5K more, and still has a QVGA (240×320) display compared to Mi310’s HVGA (320×480).
    Many thanks to Spice, for bringing a good phone, at such a reasonable price.

  • Vedant Sharma

    Help me guys. Andro vs spice mi-310 ?

    • Harshit Kumar11

      i hve been using this mobile,the phone is amazing……much better than the andro….the problem is in the earphones…

  • what is the processor speed of spice mi 310.
    Also, can it play motion games.
    Plz reply sir, either Anand or Bharat

    • naveen raja

      It houses a Qualcom 600 MHz Processor in Mi-310. U can try searching the net for more details with a different name “Blueberry Mi-320” (yes its 320 in other parts of the world).

      U can check the following You tube link for the Phone’s fantastic ability to play motion sensing oriented games. ****

  • Manijethani

    hey can any one suggest me which android phone is available in market with front facing camera ?? or is their any solution for others mobiles those doesn’t have front camera ???

  • ankit

    which is better will anyone tell me spice mi 310 or samsung pop or samsung galaxy 5
    bharat plzzzzzzzzz………. tell…

  • Kastor 48252

    First of all, thank you Bharat for all the help in selecting my first Android device. If it weren’t for you, a band like Spice would have been an unbuyable for me. You video reviews have been a big help and I long to play Angry Birds on my very own Spice Mi310 that I ordered from flipkat today, for Rs.7399/- including taxes and shipping.
    After the price of the Dell XCD35 was brought down this week, I was confused regarding which device to go for. In their own price range, the Spice Mi310 and the XCD35 were both a steal deal. The only cons of Mi310 being the low battery backup and the Spice Brand. After racking my brain a lot for 3 days in a row, I ultimately decided on the Mi310 as the addon features in the XCD35 were not Justified by the Rs.4100 price difference ( It is my personal opinion that the hardware combination on the XCD35 is a bit of a mismatch. What with such an excellent resolution and only 256MB of RAM and 4 hours of talktime? The 600mhz processor is ok ). Besides, the the one year warranty on spice atleast guarantees that the device will for atleast a year. Thats equivalent to Rs.21 ( 7399 / 365 ) per day for using the Spice, which it is totally worth of. So even if the spice fails me one year from now, I will Quite contented that it was a paisa wasool buy for an entire year. And anyway, new technology will usher into the indian market by then and hopefully by launching devices to compete with the likes of Mi310, the Indian brands will rise to compete with the global players. Thus by June 2012, devices with android version 3 will be available in the Indian market with good build quality in the below Rs.5000 segment.
    Thats what the future will hopefully unveil, but as of now, I am waiting anxiously for my shipment, which, by Flipkart’s previous standards, must reach me on saturday. And then,I might just upload an unboxing and preview video on youtube and post the links here. Till then, GOOD BUY!

  • sandeep

    confused between galaxy fit or spice mi310
    plz reply

    • Anmol_dureha

      Spice Mi 310 any day

    • Yaduvanshi001

      Go for Galaxy Spice is not good option

    • Ankit

      i got this phone reallllyy amazing than fit as of the screen resolution

  • ritu

    i should buy spice mi 310 or micromax bling 2……..

  • i need to buy a android mobile as soon as possible

  • please reply to me sir

  • microphone and proximity sensor any issues and spice talk time is very low as compared to micro max a60 please tell me is it a good buy and i have heard spice mi310 doesn’t support many android applications is it true

    • Gani Vittu

      Hi Ravi,
      My friend also using the spice mi 310 mobile.There is no problem with any specifications like microphone,sensors etc.,But its version is not recognized by Google.So some apps may hide While searching in android market through mobile.But you can download and install any apps from PC without problem

    • Harshit Kumar11

      i hve been using this phone for more than a month…it is much better than andro

      there is a problem in the earphones only

  • Hi.. i bought this phone this week.. but am not able to connect it to my cpu through usb.. it shows that driver not found… what should i do?

    • Simi_purewal

      goto spice mobiles official site,click on software in support menu asn find mi 310 drivers.

  • achyut ankit

    i also wanted to know that does it support pinch to zoom and
    how is the motion gaming experience in this device and
    does it support 3g as nowhere mentioned in the spice official site
    is there any issues with microphone and proximity sensor; just like igyaan is saying???bharat Plz reply ……………………reply

    • shilpa

      It connects nicely to 3 G. I am using Idea 3G

  • achyut ankit

    plzzz….. put the video review till date 12/4 plzzzzzzzzz………

  • Jagan pandey

    Hey put the video review soon….Y u taking so long time to do this…. Whether u guys are stopped working???

  • Ankit336699

    Can’t understand one thing about this site; wen u r having the phone with u; why r u not giving the review right with the video!!!!!! Plz think about it and be the first one to give the review!!!!!!

  • Rajsa_2000

    please tell ifSpice mi310 is better then micromax A60

    • Ujjwal321

      10 times better…
      2.8 inch resistive touch screen vs.. 3.2 inch capacitive is enough reason

  • Nitin kumar

    plzzzz…give full video review……i want to buy a phone (a best buy)!!!!……….

  • Debankar

    plzz plzz a video review..!!!!

  • please please please give a full video review……….

  • Vishalshrivastav0

    please please please give a full video review…………….

  • Tarunb01

    Cool….. BUT STILL waiting for the “review video ” pls put it before 7th of april 2011. Bcoz that day is my deadline to buy a phone ….. SO please give reviw

  • Krishna Bosak

    I am also using this phone and there is no problem with network accessibility and its HSDPA tech is also best.

    • ankit

      hey krishna; is there any issues with microphone and proximity sensor; just like this site is saying??? Plz reply

    • hey krishna..can u please post the video review if u would be really us buddy..

    • achyut ankit

      plz dude
      i also wanted to know that does it support pinch to zoom and
      how is the motion gaming experience in this device and
      does it support 3g as nowhere mentioned in the spice official site
      is there any issues with microphone and proximity sensor; just like igyaan is saying??? Plz reply

  • Gaurav

    hey pls give full review vifeo. plsssssssss