Google Acquires a Private Photo Sharing App, Team to Join Google+

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Google Acquires a Private Photo Sharing App, Team to Join Google+

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Google, the company that stores almost all of our information has now hired the makers of an app that lets user send images privately. Odysee is an iOS and Android app that lets user automatically back up the photos and videos they’ve taken on their cameras or tablets on to their home computers. The creators of this app will now join the team at Google+.

The feature that sets Odysee apart is its ability to share photos privately and automatically with other people. It gives the option to share with followers or a follower group so your pictures only reach the people you intend to share with. The app keeps the content in full quality on the home computer.

The app was co-founded by Raghavan Menon and Shiva Javalagi. On their homepage, the Odysee team thanked the users and informed them that the service will come to a close on the 23rd of February. The current users will be able to download their photos and videos as archives.

Google is rumoured to be transitioning Photos into an independent app. Giving an option to save content directly on a home computer sounds much safer than a cloud server after the entire iCloud fiasco last year. The photo sharing app space is really crowded right now with Instagram ruling the roost, so Google would have to offer a lot more features in the new independent app to get ahead in the race.

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