Apple’s New $1.9 Billion European Data Centers Will Run Completely on Renewable Energy

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Apple’s New $1.9 Billion European Data Centers Will Run Completely on Renewable Energy

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Data centers are the bedrock of the smart device revolution. They take care of all the background processes that let us connect with the world using the various apps and service. As the usage base of services keeps increasing, companies have to constantly increase the size and volume of their data centers. These are some heavy energy consuming establishments. Apple is doing its part for the environment by investing 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion) to build a data center that runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

Apple will be establishing two data centers; one is Ireland and the other in Denmark. These centers will take on the traffic from their various services such as iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri for customers in Europe. Apple claims that this is their biggest project in Europe and will lead to the creation of hundreds of new jobs.

In Ireland, the town of Athenry, near Galway has been chosen as the site for the data center. The government of Ireland has said that the project will add close to 300 jobs in the country. It is certainly good news for the country where the unemployment rate stands at 10.50 percent of the population.

On the other hand, in Denmark, the City of Viborg in the western part of the country will house the second data centers. The massive investment from the American tech giant was welcomed by the government of Denmark.

The investment will be split evenly between the two sites. Apple’s dedication to renewable energy would get it support from the environmentalists who have long criticized massive tech corporations for utilizing coal-based power.

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