The 6 Biggest Announcements Microsoft Made About Windows 10 Today

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The 6 Biggest Announcements Microsoft Made About Windows 10 Today

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While smartphone brands are grabbing the spotlight with the launch of bigger and better smartphones, Microsoft is holding the attention of the audience with its latest Windows OS. Recently, the Redmond-based company publicized that it is releasing the premier operating system Windows 10 in 190 countries, and China will be the first one to receive it. The company made several other major announcements such as the introduction of Windows Hello, the Voice App and many other innovative features, which got overshadowed.

We have made an elaborate list of all the important announcements made by Microsoft today. We explain the new developments in detail below:

Software Pirates Included in Windows 10 Receivers’ List


No matter if you’re running pirated version of Windows 7 and 8, you will still be able to update to the latest legitimate version of Windows 10. The electronics manufacturer has given a nod to the users running dodgy softwares and said that the upgraded version will be sent directly. It’s still under wraps how the company will provide the latest iteration to people using pirated Windows copy.

The End of Passwords with Windows Hello

Microsoft’s new feature is a cool new tool to personalised computing. It eliminates the need for passwords and secret codes and offers unlocking devices through your personal characteristics.

Windows Hello works on biometric authentication supported by the system. This means the new tool marks your personal features such as your face, iris, fingerprints as the password and gives you instant access to your device. No need to remember complicated alphanumeric arrangements. This subtracts the possibilities of hacking as well. In all, your Windows 10 devices are entirely safe with Windows Hello.

Windows 10 is coming to 190 Countries, this summer


The announcement that spread a smile among the Windows users across the world is the early arrival of the official release of Windows 10 this summer. The rollout will start with China and 189 will soon follow. All the nations will receive the update by summer, as per the company statement.

Microsoft will offer a one-year free subscription of the upgrade, which will be available to the customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Users can choose from 111 language options for the new operating system.

New ROM to convert Android phones to Windows

samsung windows

A big revelation from Microsoft was testing of a new ROM based on Windows. The company has tied up with Xiaomi and is testing the new Windows 10 with a select group of Mi 4 ‘Power users’. The new concept is original and seems to be a budding effort to overtake Android ecosystem in one go.

The new ROM doesn’t offer dual-boot solution. Once installed, Windows 10 becomes the default OS of the smartphone. It is comparable to the CyanogenMod or any other custom ROM. The Windows-based ROM is designed to get Android users to try Windows 10 native user interface and the Windows-centric apps. Through this, Microsoft hopes to encourage users switch from Android to Windows OS.

New Windows Version for IoT Devices

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the major revolution that the tech world is heading towards. A new version of Windows was introduced by Microsoft that comes free with Windows 10. The new version can go with a diverse IoT devices like ATMs, ultrasonic machines, gateways, and more. The company plans to connect with more machines and is in talks to collaborate with companies like the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Intel, Qualcomm and other tech organizations.

Compactness with Windows 10

windows 10

Microsoft has opted for an approach to squeeze down Windows 10. The new Windows OS compresses files to provide more storage space on the device, offering more free space for music, photos, and videos.

The condensation of system files on Windows 10 is done through compression algorithm. It restores approximately 1.5GB of storage for 32-bit and 2.6GB of storage for 64-bit Windows. The same is applicable for the Windows phone as well.

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