Three Members of Anonymous arrested in Spain

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Three Members of Anonymous arrested in Spain

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Anonymous, the name behind various recent cyber attacks including one in our own home, are finally under the scanner in a major way, Authorities in Spain say they have arrested three members of the organization that claims to be an Activist for morals. They also seized at least one computer used in the attacks on Sony. Those arrested are believed to have been important in coordinating the group’s activities in the country and to have distributed the Loic DDoS tool to others.

The group became infamous for hacking credit card companies, such as MasterCard and Visa, and PayPal in retribution for not allowing donations to be made to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks. Sony has blamed the attack on its PlayStation Network partially on Anonymous, but the arrest of three of its members is a far cry from retribution for the company which has damages that total more than $172 million.

The arrests serve more as a message to other hacking groups, such as the headline stealing LulzSec, that given time law enforcement will track them down. However, this particular set of arrests will probably do little to discourage hacktivists across the world.

Spanish government are on high alert to make sure they are protected against any attacks from the various legions of Anonymous.

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