5 Measures to Make Sure Your Phone Never Runs Out of Storage

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5 Measures to Make Sure Your Phone Never Runs Out of Storage

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Modern day tech essentials like smartphones and tablets are a boon, as well as a curse. While they are multifunctional, providing us with a camera, gaming console, laptop etc, the storage limitation makes them worthless after a certain stage. For instant content storage, users are forced to clean up the storage space, which may include documents, videos or photos of vital importance.

There are several tactics to unload your device without losing the stored content. Follow the below tips to make room for more files in just a few minutes.

Back Up Photos and Videos

Cloud Storage

Photos and videos are the biggest storage eaters when it comes to phone memory. They claim almost one-fourth or an even greater portion of your phone’s storage capacity, leading to an overload. But as they are memories one can’t afford to lose, they can be shifted to the cloud. Some of the best cloud storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and more. Enable automatic uploading of Camera Roll to Dropbox and the content will upload automatically

Go on Settings > Accounts > Cloud and sync Pictures and Videos to upload them to Dropbox.

Those who are doubtful about the security of the cloud can keep their stuff in an external hard drive. Here are some more ways to backup your audio and video files.

Uninstall Heavy and Unused Apps


Apps cover the second highest section of your phone. Check out all the installations and install all the apps that you are no longer in use. There may be chances that there are two or three different kinds of apps solving the same purpose. Start eliminating apps of the same type and make room for more content.

Go to Apps on Home Screen > Tap on the left touch capacitive button > Select Uninstall and choose all those apps which you wish to uninstall from your phone.

Send Documents to Google Drive


Try not to save worksheets and text documents till you have a working internet connection. Save it on Google Drive and you can easily find it any time you need. Google Drive doesn’t allow you enough space to store content, but also offers several other features. You can create a new file, upload, scan and print documents. It’s handy and easy to use.

Clear Cache


Cache is important as it stores the required data for faster page loading, but at the same time, it consumes the phone’s internal memory. You can clear the cache for an individual app from the Setting menu of your Android device. Go on Settings > More > Application manager and click the app, whose cache you want to clear. This may be a bit tedious, so we suggest you install App Cache Cleaner from Google Play Store to clear all cached files with one tap.

Keep your Device Clean

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A clean device makes life a lot easier. If the smartphone is clean, you won’t be facing problems like phone hanging and crashing of apps, which are prominent with almost all handsets these days. Clear browsing history, delete unimportant stuff like contacts, documents, music files and videos that are not worth the space on your phone.

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