5 Dream Jobs For a True Tech Lover That Actually Pay

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5 Dream Jobs For a True Tech Lover That Actually Pay

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Our society is in continuous need of skilled professionals who are willing to work hard and fast. Luckily for us, demand for tech experts is not going down anytime soon.

But which technological post offers the highest paycheck. We have listed down the top five jobs for a tech geek:

Quality Assurance Testers AKA Computer Game Tester

Computer games tester

What can be more awesome than to get paid for playing the latest games? Yes, it sounds like a fantasy world, but in reality, companies pound out an enormous chunk of their revenues for computer game testers. This is done to put out multi-million titles with the minimum bugs. In a more proper term, computer game testers are known as ‘Quality Assurance Testers’ and they earn by testing out games. They point out all the faults while playing, including spelling mistakes.

This job requires a great deal of skills like expert play and an obsessive eye for details. On the bright side, you get to play the game before anyone else in this world.

Web Developer

Web Developer

They are responsible for everything you see on a website. The layout, the fonts, the pictures and videos, everything! Web developers work alone or in a team either as full-time employees, part-time consultants or on-contract basis (freelancers). While the trend is still catching up in India, Web Developers are the some of the highest paid people in places like California, San Francisco and Baltimore.

Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

If hacking is your super power, then this job is for you. Many companies employ ethical hackers to protect their network from hackers who would try to access private and sensitive information of the company. The goal of the ethical hacker is to expose all the weak and vulnerable areas in the main framework of the company’s network. The spot is patched once it is identified. Also, you don’t have to a programmer to be an ethical hacker, which is a common myth.

Gadget Reviewer

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Almost every other day, you receive a courier containing all your favourite toys and gadgets, and in return, you get to write your honest opinion about it. But, be warned, this job is not as easy as it seems. Speaking in front of the camera and differentiating between ten similar handsets is tough. Also, don’t expect to make the big bucks as a newbie in the business. This one takes time and patience.

Game Developer

Games Developer

Developers are perhaps the trendiest people you will see, and it is also considered one of the most fun jobs in the technological sector. A game developer gets to work on titles for computer, consoles, mobile phones and tablets. Creativity is as important as working in a highly pressurised environment.  But, if your game does well in the market, it will be perhaps, be the greatest victory in your life.

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