5 Amazing Ways Drones Are Helping Out

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5 Amazing Ways Drones Are Helping Out

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Slowly and steadily, drones are finding their space across several kinds of industries in this world. Some companies use it to provide WiFi signals to remote places, while some high-end resorts use it to follow skiers and videotape them as they come downslope.

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), are aerial vehicles that do not need to be piloted by any person on board. Drones are scaled up functionality model aircrafts that serve more of purpose than the enjoyment of flying a remote-controlled aircraft.

They are remotely controlled by a pilot or a computer, which means that some drones are pre-programmed to carry out actions without direct human piloting.

Here are some amazing examples of how this tech is making our lives easier:

Saving Lives

drones nepal earthquake

Drones were used during the Nepal earthquake to search for survivors under the debris of buildings.

From firefighters to rescue personnel, a drone can be used to fly over hard-to-reach areas to check for survivors before rescuers risk their lives through the thick bush. Rescue drones are equipped with infra-red cameras that can help in search-and-rescue efforts. They also help determine the hottest area during a house fire. In the recent chain of earthquakes in Nepal, drones were put to use to search for survivors.

Supporting law enforcement

police drine

Police forces around the world are slowing starting to see the advantages of UAVs to aid them in their work. Drones are now being used to give the cops a wide range of view and to provide quick and accurate information. If used on a regular basis, drones will soon revolutionize the way police force operates.

Safe Infrastructure Management

construction drone

Across countries, drones are already being used on a considerable scale for the betterment of the society and community. Considering the difficulty to inspect the top of a skyscraper or under a bridge, drones can help in minimizing the risks taken to otherwise examine such areas. These UAVs can just be deployed to assess a structure’s condition remotely, thus reducing the need for cranes or harnesses, along with the associated risks.

Agriculture Management

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY LAURENT ABADIE A photo taken on September 9, 2014 shows a drone flying over vineyards of the Pape Clement castle, belonging to Bordeaux winemaker Bernard Magrez in the soutwestern French town of Pessac. Magrez is the first winemaker to have bought last February a drone equipped with a infrared camera to determine the optimal maturity of the domain's grapes and thus harvest them at different times.  AFP PHOTO JEAN PIERRE MULLER.        (Photo credit should read JEAN PIERRE MULLER/AFP/Getty Images)

Using drones, farmers can target areas that need special attention. Most of the farms are acres in size, and it is not viable for a farmer to access far ends of the farm every day. By working in those areas, farmers can improve their yield and avoid wastage of resources.

Media Access for Hard-to-Reach Places

news drone

While we can already understand how this power might be abused by the media, if utilised cautiously,  photography for a news channel can easily be taken using drones without risking the lives of the media person.

Some of the other potential uses where drones can be utilized are earth and climate monitoring, mapping, wildlife research and anti-poaching, temporary communications, etc. Besides in Disaster Management, India should soon start using UAVs for other purposes as well as its usage is almost endless and will prove to be beneficial for the nation.

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