E3 2015: The New Street Fighter 5 Trailer is Awesome!

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E3 2015: The New Street Fighter 5 Trailer is Awesome!

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The Street Fighter game series is well known to anyone who is remotely interested in gaming. At the ongoing E3 2015 in Los Angeles, Sony has announced that the well-known game will be coming to PlayStation 4. Capcom, the makers of the Street Fighter game series, confirmed during the PlayStation E3 press conference about the game’s public beta on the PlayStation 4 that will be debuting on July 23rd.

Following the leak of the game details back in December 2014, the highlight of the trailer is the addition of two new players: Birdie, the tall British punk rocker with a beak-shaped Mohawk hairstyle and Cammy, the blue-eyed, slender fighter who is now an amnesiac MI6 operative for the British government.

Birdie, who is the newest addition to the Street Fighter game, is one of the few characters that has multiple V-Skills, all of which spin around foods and drinks. Birdie can eat a banana and throw the peel on the floor, which the enemy player will slip on.


Ryu (L) VS Birdie (R)

For his V-Trigger, Birdie eats a hot pepper and enters a powered up state, making all his attacks-particularly his bull charge, even more deadly. In his Critical Art, he wraps up the opponent in chains and uses him or her as a skipping rope.

Cammy, meanwhile, retains many of her iconic moves, such as her Spiral Arrow, Canon Spike, and Canon Strike. Her Spin Knuckle is now her V-Skill.


Apart from this, the new trailer showed that the game will be played in its traditional 2D platform, with rotating camera view. No other details could be deciphered. You will have to pre-order the beta for PS4, and later on for PC as well.

Check out the trailer below:

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